4 reasons why sex is pivotal in a relationship


The connection between a couple is what holds the relationship and makes it stronger. It can be an emotional connection, physical connection, or both. There is no doubt sex is an important part of a strong relationship as it strengthens the same. Moreover, it is all about communication in order to know which position of sex is comfortable for you and your partner, which further allows you the scope to improve your connection. There is a range of benefits, both physically as well as emotionally, when it comes to sex. Let’s have a look at the other benefits of sex on a relationship.

  • Stress relief- There are so many ways to reduce your stress levels such as hot baths, medications, massages, etc. In addition to all these methods, sex is also a great way to fight off stress as it releases oxytocin into the bloodstream which is known to fight cortisol (a major stress hormone) and thus promotes stress relief as well as relaxation. It makes you feel light and offers a feeling of happiness which makes you feel relieved.
  • Emotional glow- The post-sex glow is real as it makes you experience an emotional high. This happens because some of the feel-good hormones, such as testosterone, dopamine and endorphins, are released while you have sex. This is why you also need to know the best sex positions that make you and your partner happy. In addition to that instant good feels, sex also has a long-lasting hangover on people, to some extent.
  • Confidence booster- There is always a hesitation for the first time which is completely okay. However, as time passes by, you gain some confidence. Well, that’s what sex does to you. It allows you to be confident which allows you to experiment with different sex positions as well. You can also ask your partner for directions to provide them with a better experience or feedback on how the deed can be done properly so next time when you do it, you do it with full confidence and expect compliments.
  • Improved sleep- Sex helps you have a better night of sleep. It is so because when you orgasm, a hormone called prolactin releases which leads to a night of better and deeper sleep. Since you have a night of better sleep, you feel more energetic and have a productive day. The quality of your sleep impacts your overall health and lifestyle as well.


There is no denying that sex feels good when done correctly. Also according to experts, sex helps you create an intimate bond, i.e. the intimacy is not limited to the bedroom only and it will impact your connection beyond that. It would not be wrong to say sex keeps alive the spark in the relationship. Thus you need to keep experimenting with different stuff to strengthen your relationship.

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