Have mangoes to spare? Whip up some dessert delights tonight!

Mangoes provide a delicious and versatile base for the yummiest desserts. Here are a few ideas for mango desserts you can delight your family with tonight.

Mangoes rank high in the list of the most delightful and satisfying fruits in the planet. Rich in nutrients and high on satiety value, a ripe and large mango can serve as a mini meal on a lazy summer afternoon. You can have it raw or cook it in a variety of mango dessert recipes. Mango can also be added to milk shakes or converted to a wholesome fruit juice. It has cooling properties and it improves digestion as well.

So if you have a mango or two to spare and want to use it in a dessert for tonight’s dinner, we have just the right mango dessert recipes to suggest. Most mango dessert recipes are quick and easy to make, provided you try no-fuss recipes and enlist the help of Milkmaid condensed milk as one of the main ingredients.

The simplest and best mango dessert recipes

There is a fair smattering of Indian and Western mango-based recipes available for your perusal. Some feature a fusion between mangoes and other fruits, or add rich ingredients like whipped cream as toppings. Whether shrikhand or cake, mango forms a delicious core for any dessert recipe that will have your family coming back for seconds and thirds!

Here are a few suggestions of mango dessert recipes you can try tonight:

  • Aamrakhand
  • Mango ice cream
  • Mango cheesecake
  • Mango kulfi
  • Mango tropical freeze (incorporates berries and coconut, among other ingredients)

Do note that these mango dessert recipes come out really well when you use Milkmaid condensed milk as one of the ingredients. The condensed milk offers uniformity of texture and sweetness, and you don’t need to add extra sugar or milk to the recipe unless it specifically demands so.

Benefits of incorporating mango in your diet

We often view mangoes as a stunningly tasty addition to our summer diets. But the sweet as sin fruit has many important benefits to offer to the human body.

  • Rich with fiber and packed with nutrients, mangoes correct the digestive processes by providing roughage. It is especially recommended for those suffering from constipation.
  • It provides a cooling effect on the body, especially when it is raw or semi-ripe. This is a useful benefit during the hot summer.
  • It is slightly high on fruit sugars, but it is not harmful for diabetics. However, you can take your doctor’s advice before consuming them.
  • Mangoes are loaded with potassium, Vitamin A and E, and essential minerals. They are the perfect after-workout snack to replenish minerals and vitamins lost to muscle and fat burn.
  • It is an appetiser but it also has a high satiety value.

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