Top Reasons To Use Lazypay – The Unique UPI Payment Service

LazyPay UPI payment service offers a one-tap payment solution to purchase any product or service. Being a credit service, you pay now and repay later. Repayment can be made in easy installments – no-cost EMIs are available. Payments can also be settled once in 15 days. LazyPay is accepted across hundreds of websites and applications.

Check your credit limit with LazyPay

It’s easy to check your credit with LazyPay automated credit checking service. It is a KYC process that is entirely paperless and transparent. All you need to furnish is your mobile number. If your mobile number is linked to your existing KYC documents, then your credit details are calculated. Based on factors such as your credit history, repayment history, credit score, existing loans, lifestyle, job profile, income status, your credit score is determined.

What can be done with a credit limit?

There is an abundance of options at your disposal when using this UPI payment service. You can:

  • Pay now and get interest free credit for upto 15 days. You can repay within 15 days without paying any interest. You just repay the principal amount.
  • You can use your credit limit to take an instant loan. Then you can repay the loan in convenient installments at very affordable interest rates.
  • Shop at partner merchants online or in-store. Convert the purchase amounts into EMIs.

How much loan does LazyPay offer?

LazyPay UPI payment app is a unique credit and payment service offering instant loans in a matter of seconds. You can avail upto Rs. 100,000. The personal loan is immediately available to be utilized. No wait time. No processing fee. No calling up multiple people. No collateral is required. No visit to the bank is required. You only pay interest on the amount utilized.

How to apply for an instant loan with LazyPay?

Download the LazyPay UPI payment app. Signup for an account. Check your credit limit by providing your PAN card details and mobile number. To apply for a loan, you have to complete the loan application. Set up your auto-repayment. Withdraw upto Rs. 1 lakh. The money can be withdrawn directly to your bank account.

What are the eligibility details for applying for an instant loan with LazyPay?

You must be between 22 and 55 years of age. You must be salaried. Instant personal loans are not available to self-employed people. You must be a resident of India, which means that you should be holding an Indian passport or be an Indian citizen.

You can be in all major cities, as well as tier 1 and tier 2 cities, but not any city below tier 2. Write to LazyPay UPI payment app customer service to know more about city classifications.

Conclusion LazyPay is a revolutionary service offering flexible payment options. With minimal documentation, you can get instant loans. You can get easy interest free credit to purchase all necessary items. Pay the money back within 15 days to incur no charges.  This is a UPI payment service that is truly liberating.

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