Tips for choosing the right engineering course

Engineering is among the most popular choice for aspiring students. Despite other subjects and career paths available, most students in India choose to pursue engineering.

The major reasons being the variety of streams available and the increasing marketable asset. However, despite being versatile in subject offerings from computer science to civil and aerospace, the percentage of churned out and dropout engineering students is among the highest. Why do you think this happens? The key reason is choosing the wrong engineering branch.

Most students, often due to lack of information and confidence, follow their peers’ choices or go with the advice of their family and friends without giving it much thought.

As a result, this often leads to wrong choices, which stop students from excelling in the course and acquire knowledge and skills to be industry-ready.

So if you are certain about your engineering degree before you apply to the top universities in India, here are the tips to help you choose the right engineering course.

  1. Know your interest

The first rule of thumb when choosing among the best engineering courses is to know your interest first and then stick with it.

Research about the available engineering streams and consider the ones that align with your interest.

  1. Look beyond the stream

This is the next key step to follow when choosing an engineering course. Don’t think only about the time you will be spending on the course but also look beyond your college life.

Get your facts right about the possible career opportunities you will have after graduating with a certain subject. It’s better to choose a brach that you are good at rather than choosing something random and later regretting your choice.

  1. Attend the counseling

Whether a certain college is on your list, it is better to attend the counseling sessions to know the college or an institute and get a better idea about the engineering course you are considering.

Most engineering courses have field trips or foreign exchange programs. If the course you are choosing offers one, check if the college you are applying for is equipped with arranging field trips and foreign exchange programs.

  1. Get reviews from alumni

Another assured way to know more about the college, its faculty, extracurricular activities, skill development programs, and campus placement are to get in contact with the alumni.

Try to connect with alumni over LinkedIn or other social media platforms. You may also seek career advice or request them to connect you with someone having better knowledge and experience of your field of interest.

Try connecting with industry professionals to get some insider knowledge about the career prospect and scope in certain fields. This will help you know your stream better and make a sound decision based on clear facts and trends.

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