Reasons Behind Growing Popularity Of Integrated Courses

Education is still a dream for many in India today. Their circumstances are such that they either do not have the amenities to complete education, or their circumstances do not allow them such a luxury. It is supposed to be a basic amenity that they have to have compulsorily. Instead, it remains a far-fetched dream for them.

Integrated Education Is The Need Of The Day

Despite education being a fundamental right for all citizens of India, some people after school cannot imagine spending their time in classrooms or campuses. Their situation is such that they have no means of reaching out for that education; they have to drop out. 

Yet many cannot afford to waste so much time or so many years studying; instead, they should be earning to maintain the family. Integrated courses for such people are the need of the day and the situation.

How Did People Continue Education Previously?

In the previous years, the term ‘distance learning’ was a very popular term for people who could not afford higher education for various reasons whatsoever. They studied from afar but did manage to complete their education. 

This was possible because many universities offer various education courses through their distance learning programmes. They managed to even complete professional courses by means of it.

Modern Programme Of Learning For People Who Cannot Afford Higher Education

There are many people still today who cannot manage to afford to waste time going to higher schools of education. They need magic that will benefit from degrees and career opportunities.

For such people, the magic words are ‘integrated courses.’ In such programmes, they benefit from a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, all compacted into one. They even manage Integrated Ph D. in such a format of education.

Reasons For The Growing Popularity Of Integrated Courses

Many factors are responsible for the growing popularity of integrated courses today. These courses combine one or more degrees into one to save valuable time. It is suitable for people who are working and trying their very best to study at the same time.

The courses offer modern skills and technologies in fronts like B. Tech and others. The people who formally decide to opt for such courses benefit because they acquire those new skills at breakneck paces that would have been otherwise impossible. So professionals who want to stay in the market need to update themselves. And they need to do it swift paces while at the same time working.

Even employers insist on skilled and technologically advanced professionals, so integrated courses are the mantra for such people. This education is very easily imparted nowadays in B. Tech Universities.  Most employers are looking out for people who are educated in the new integrated education method instead of the traditional and rigid system. In this way, they also get variety because of the variety in the courses offered by most of today’s universities. To add to this, modern and basic education is all compacted in these systems.

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