Exploring BBA and its potential in the job market

What is BBA? What are the job prospects for students with a BBA degree? Read on to have these questions answered and more.

Education is given the utmost priority in India. Now, more than ever, it has become a daunting task for students to pick the right college and course, what with the plethora of options available to them.

Students looking forward to a career that looks at combining skills in management, marketing, human resources, accounting, strategic management, and organisational behaviour now have a very interesting undergraduate course they can opt for: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

How BBA differs from MBA

Contrary to popular belief, BBA and MBA (Master of Business Administration) are two distinctly different courses. The former is a three or four-year long undergraduate course, while an MBA can only be pursued after securing a bachelor’s degree. A BBA college in Delhi will offer courses that help students master their communication skills, along with learning the theoretical nuances, practicalities and the fundamentals of business management and commerce.

Do note that in India, a bachelor’s degree in business and management studies can go by several names – BBA, BMS, BBS, among others. Apart from some minor differences in syllabus depending on the college, the courses are more or less the same.

How to get admission in a BBA college in Delhi

Securing admission in a good college for BBA is challenging, but easier with the right preparation. There are renowned BBA colleges in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other metro cities. Students necessarily must have cleared their 10 + 2 through recognised boards such as CBSE, ICSE, state boards or NIOS. They also need to crack an objective-question based entrance test mostly administered at the institute-level. This test looks for students’ proficiency in English, reasoning skills, and quantitative aptitude.

Most importantly, there are certain skills that BBA students should possess inherently for them to complete this course with good scores. It will be helpful if they are good at time management, problem solving, communication, decision-making, organisation and teamwork. Students possessing these skills already will most definitely have an edge in this programme.

BBA stresses largely on students learning through practical experience. They can look forward to learning through team projects, case studies, presentations, industrial visits, and interactions with professionals across several industries. These methods help holistically hone students’ skills and perspectives. However, the biggest advantage that a BBA degree holder has over individuals with other bachelor’s degrees is stark: it equips them for a direct entry into the corporate world.

BBA graduates can seek a job in various corporate sectors such as banking, financial services, multinational corporations, marketing, human resources, educational institutions and business houses, among others. If they don’t wish to seek a job, students can even go ahead and pursue an MBA or another post-graduate degree of their choice, from a good institute, to further increase their chances of a shining career.

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