How does ACCA course work?

The ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Founded in 1904, ACCA is the global professional accounting body that offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. The ACCA course duration is very flexible with multiple entry points for students and employees alike. This makes the ACCA membership journey very smooth, in spite of the qualifications or work experience. This is why this course proves to be great for a career as a finance professional. It takes the learning potential to the next level and helps you with strategic leadership capabilities.

How to achieve the ACCA qualification?

You need to have two A levels and 3 GCSEs in 5 separate subjects. These must include English and Mathematics. According to Indian standards, you should complete class 12 boards with flying colours. If you have these, you can boost your career with the ACCA qualification. It is ranked at Masters level and you would become an ACCA member when you qualify. The ACCA qualification is one of the most glorified accounting accreditations for financial professionals. Students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to earn a successful career and lead the organisations they work with.

Students would have to sit for a maximum of 13 papers, depending on prior experience. There is also a Professional Skills and Ethics module to be completed. Also, the qualification requires that the member should have 3 years of practical work experience in a relevant role.

Employers look for ACCA professionals

Students become an ACCA member when they complete the ACCA qualification. With over 200,000 members, the members unlock the potential to work across the world in different sectors. Employers understand that the ACCA qualification creates forward-thinking finance professionals according to the international accounting standards. With more than 7,4000 approved employers and more than 80 accountancy partnerships, the ACCA certificate has a lot of value.

The ACCA qualification helps both students and organisations to challenge limits

Aspiring students can take help from ACCA classes in Mumbai to earn the ACCA certification. There are Approved Learning Partners as well. The ACCA members form societies where they help each other to look for job opportunities. Members can work for their dream jobs and work for the positions that suit them well. With good learning experience, they can take on leading positions and drive their organisations forward.

The ACCA offers flexible exam schedules

ACCA has a flexible exam schedule to help students progress towards goals. They can set their own pace. A lot of exams are available on demand. Otherwise, there are four exam sessions that are held during March June, September and December.

Finance professionals who already have recognized professional accountancy qualifications can be eligible for accelerated entry to ACCA membership. You can apply for the same. You can find out more about applying from another professional body on the official website.

These are some of the basics of the ACCA course. If you are thinking about earning this professional qualification, this lockdown is the perfect time to start preparing for it.

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