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NIIT offers courses on banking and finance, data analytics, digital marketing and IT, with select scholarships as well.

If wishes were horses, you would be cantering towards a glorious career in big ticket industries like banking, insurance, data analysis, or even digital marketing. But life is seldom that simple – there is endless information gathering and hard work to study and excel at your chosen profession. The years of study are succeeded by several moments of self-doubt and rejection – as the job market handpicks qualified professionals over the rest.

There appears to be a glass ceiling that you just cannot get past, as much you try. Despite your best effort at your chosen field of study, you are unable to break through to the industries that you aspire to work in. However, help is always at hand for those who truly seek it – and NIIT Edge brings you the opportunity to enrol for a valuable course in banking and finance, digital marketing, IT, and data analytics. Select scholarships are also available till June 20, 2018.

Gain the edge with NIIT Edge’s scholarships

NIIT Edge is rolling out graduate and under-graduate courses for ambitious students aspiring to carve a niche for themselves in the ever-evolving sectors like banking, finance, data analysis, IT and digital marketing. There are select scholarships also to be availed till June 20, 2018.

NIIT Edge follows a scientific method of selection and evaluation to handpick the worthiest candidates. It follows this three-pronged approach:

  1. A career navigator test to check the student’s aptitude. This test helps NIIT judge the student’s core competencies and strengths. This is followed by counselling with experts to take the next step.
  2. Enrol for courses with global certifications. NIIT Edge has valuable tie ups with leading lights in education and industry from India and around the world. As a part of these affiliations, NIIT Edge offers courses that are globally certified and able to open doors in the job market everywhere.
  3. Three assured placement interviews. NIIT also scores above other institutions with its assurance of providing job placements to all students. This is done over three rounds of detailed interviews to match the student with the right work profile.

These courses for graduates and undergraduates are certain to provide both a broad-based and industry-centric understanding of banking and finance, digital marketing, IT and data analysis. All four industries currently show the fastest levels of growth, with a high demand for experienced professionals across all levels. NIIT Edge’s course offerings in these sectors can lay the foundation for a successful career right from the outset.

So don’t miss out – get on board NIIT Edge’s unique offerings, and get the impetus to soar towards your dreams!

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