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An executive MBA course – fast track your career!

Your ambition, talent and skills all come together in a homogenous mix when you enrol for a executive programme in business management from IIM Lucknow.

There are scores of ambitious professionals in every industry. You used to be one, too! But lately, you are experience a jaded feeling at your job. You have much more to offer in terms of talent and skills, but your current job profile is causing a feeling of stagnation.

At the same time, you are aware that you are not fully updated with current trends in your industry. Hectic office deadlines leave you with little time to upgrade your knowledge. We recommend taking up an executive MBA course to brush up and get ahead of others in the job market.

How does an Executive MBA course benefit you?

The Executive Programme in Business Management from IIM Lucknow offered by NIIT Imperia Centre of Learning is a sure-fire way to fast track your career in business administration on many levels. This is how it shapes your career prospects, with the following benefits:

* It catapults you straight to middle management posts.

Heavy competition and your company’s structure of offering promotions and increments on an annualised basis can translate into you remaining stuck on entry level or lower echelons of the company for many years. But the executive MBA course opens the doors for you to jumpstart a middle management career, whether you are a fresh applicant or an existing staffer. The Executive Programme in Business Management from IIM Lucknow teaches management across different indices, from strategic to operational.

* It improves your employability.

Have you been scouting for jobs in other companies because your current job has become a dead-end one? The reason you are not bagging any new job could be that you skills are not in line with what employers want. However, your certification with the Executive Programme in Business Management from IIM Lucknow will solve this issue and improve your prospects.

* Higher learning and skills help you renegotiate with your company.

The Executive Programme in Business Management from IIM Lucknow gives you the kind of edge in the industry that few others have, and you soon join a select band of people that companies are actively looking for. Your added skills can help you negotiate for a bigger role and higher pay package within your current company. Or you can scout for a better profile elsewhere.

About NIIT’s Executive Programme in Business Management from IIM Lucknow

The course is offered by NIIT Imperia Centre of Learning. Its management programmes range between 4 and 12 months for Executive Management, 3 to 10 days for Specialised Management Development, and longer for corporates.

Post Author: Fathiyya Al Shaikh

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