The Importance of Having Soft Close Hinges

Soft Close Hinges – Working Mechanism and Significance

If the noise of slamming cabinet drawers or doors is your biggest pet peeve, soft close hinges for kitchen cabinets are exactly what you need. The advancements in manufacturing and technology have brought in all kinds of changes in hardware and home-ware. And if you are in the middle of a home renovation project, it makes sense to weigh in all the options you have in the market. Soft close hinges happen to be one of the options that are the talk of the town. 

What Are Soft Close Hinges?

Soft close door hinges have Blumotion in them, which allows the door to close silently and effortlessly.So, the hydraulics takes over when you close the doors and makes the door close silently. It appears as if the door glided and closed without making any noise.

This is remarkably different from cabinet self closing hinges that were the fittings of choice before soft close hinges arrived and took over most of the market. The earlier self-closing hinges had a spring made in them. So, while closing cabinet doors, the spring took over at some point and pulled the cabinet doors shut with a “thump.” The modern soft close hinges are an improvement on these early designs.

How Do Soft-Close Hinges Work

A soft close hinge is the kind of hinge that has a soft close mechanism made into it. While closing the cabinet doors, the soft close take over and make the door close in absolute silence in a gliding motion. When returning the cabinet to the closed position, the soft close motion gets activated when the door reaches the final twenty-five degrees of closure. The soft close hinges for kitchen cabinets slow down to close the door with automatic, gentle ease. 

The Significance Of Soft Close Hinges

The modern modular kitchen fittings India always focus on soft close hinges because of how seamless and noiseless they are. But that’s not the only reason to rely on these fittings. Here’s listing out a few reasons why soft close hinges are important.

1. Increasing The Resale Value Of Your Home:

Soft close hinges can be of huge help when you are trying to get your home ready to sell. Installing these hinges is an inexpensive way to increase the value and appeal of your home. Are you trying to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget? Soft close cabinet hinges offer a simple solution that will appeal to your potential buyers.

2. Say Goodbye To That Pet Peeve Of Yours:

Cabinet doors closing with a loud thud is such an annoying thing each time it happens. In fact, the noisy ‘thud’ might also make a few things inside the cabinet topple over. Well, you do not need to worry about that anymore because soft close hinges for kitchen cabinetsare the way to say goodbye to that pet peeve of yours. It gives that much-needed peace to your family.

3. Minimise The Stress On The Cabinets:

Soft close hinges reduce the level of wear and tear you put your hinges and cabinets through. Doors and drawers closing in a gentle manner help in minimising the stress on the cabinet. To add to this, soft close hinges prevent dents, cracks, and marks from forming on the frames because of slammed doors. They also minimise the friction against hinges, which extends their life even further.

The Bottom Line

And now you have all the information you need about soft close hinges! It is time to change those old hinges in your kitchen cabinets and get the new ones fitted. So, go ahead and avail quality soft close hinges and get all the benefits listed above.

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