Keep Drawers Smooth and Easy-to-operate

Wooden drawers form an integral part of the interiors of a house. They add utility and aesthetics to any piece of furniture and make life much easier in organising and stalking things, be it in the kitchen, drawing room, or bedroom. 

However, the biggest challenge is faced when a wooden drawer gets stuck. This happens mainly due to the tendency of wood to get warped. Unlike metal, wood tends to change shape, depending upon the humidity and moisture present in the air. During the summer months, it expands, while in winters, it contracts, thereby causing difficulties in smooth operation while opening and closing them. 

Temporary solution

However, a sticky channel for a drawer can be fixed by following these simple remedial measures. 

  • Rubbing paraffin wax on the sides, edges, and all surfaces of the drawers, where it touches the chest, can ease its stickiness and stiffness.
  • An easy alternative to the above is rubbing a bar of unscented soap to avoid attracting ants and insects over the surface and edges of the drawer where it comes in contact with the chest. 
  • Stuck drawers can be sorted even with candlesticks and tea candles. The best is to use white, unscented ones to avoid visible stains on the surface. The unscented ones would keep ants and insects at bay.
  • If the wax is unavailable, wax paper can be used in its place to do the needful. 
  • Sometimes, during the summer months, wood bloats to the extent that it does not fit inside the chest. In such cases, the above remedial measures do not work. It requires sanding off the surface of the drawer to reduce its size. However, a wood coating like wax or soap can be applied after the sanding process to avoid further expansion or contraction of the same. 

This should be noted here that all the above options provide temporary fixes. The need is to provide a permanent solution to this ever-emerging problem with wooden drawers that occurs every year with the changing temperatures.

Permanent solution

To do away with this, many new technologies have been adopted by ‘Blum’, thereby making life much simpler for homemakers.

There are three modern technologies that ‘Blum’ has introduced while making drawer channelsand drawer runners.


For wooden drawers and pull-outs, the standard roller runner is a tried, tested, and proven technology where only a few parts are required for guaranteed long service life and ease of operation. It ensures good running action and high stability, as the runner system has been designed on a simple concept that fits in living areas in every part of the home. These drawers slide smoothly, thereby ensuring high functionality with smooth extensions. Moreover, the Blumotion technology that comes with low-friction nylon rollers provides a feather-like glide, ensuring soft-close drawer slides effortlessly.  

Tandem concealed runner system- 

With feature-like glide and enhanced convenience, this technology uses concealed runner system to glorify every piece of furniture, having drawers in every section of your house. Be it kitchen drawer channel, drawing rooms, or bedrooms, stuck-up drawers are most annoying, but with this latest innovative range by Blum, this problem has become a thing of the past. 

Movento drawer runners for wooden pull-outs- 

Yet another innovative technology conceived by Blum, Movento, provides a synchronised feather-like glide to wooden drawers and comes with a four-dimensional front adjustment, high stability, and excellent sag values. Plus, the handle-less designs and its soft-close allow drawer channels to operate smoothly and without putting in much effort. 

Final Take

Wooden drawers make day-to-day living easy and organised. Hence, we need to switch to technologies of drawer channel and drawer runnersthat ensure easy, user-friendly operation and no extra maintenance cost. And Blum technology fits into every requirement with perfection and precision. 

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