It Was an Eye-Opening Experience Working with Individual Contractors and An Interior Design Company

Today just buying a home doesn’t make it a house. To convert your home into a house, you need to hire an interior designer who can make it more comfortable and more liveable with many new features and additions. The home designers know how to use the vacant space to its full use.

While choosing an interior designer, there are many options to go for individual contractors or to go with a home interior design company. Both have their own merits and demerits. However, experiencing both parties, I would suggest going with an interior design company because they have more manpower and complete their work in the defined time frame. Livspace is the market leader in the interior design market with very high customer appreciation and very good ratings overall.

Livspace and its qualities:-

Livspace reviews your requirement and then proceeds to work on it. In Livspace, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and all the choices are made only after customer approval. The livspace home interiors team is very well experienced as they have worked on several projects and showed us many of the finished projects, which helped us make many decisions regarding our home interior design. The livspace homes are very aesthetically built, which gives you a good impression and a good vibe overall. The livspace interior team showed us a few 3D models on the laptop on how our interior work would look once completed, which made us very happy.

Livspace reviewed our budget and showed the best products under this range. Livspace never puts any hidden cost, and everything is very well according to the paper. Once the bill is created, there is no extra charge for any items, and everything is documented properly. If the customer demands something extra, this will be taken care of very smoothly as well.

Creating the best kitchen: –

The kitchen should be made very well as this is the place where the best food is made and should be spacious and comfortable at the same time. Livspace reviewed the kitchen area and suggested we choose the platform first. We were presented with 3 options for the platform: a U shaped platform (which is very good for a large kitchen), a L shaped platform (useful for medium size kitchen) and a straight platform (useful for small size kitchen). After checking the kitchen, the home interiors team suggested we go for an L-shaped platform which we agreed that the kitchen size was medium and not too large.

Once the platform was fixed, the next important thing was to make cabinets below the platform. Livspace reviewed our choices and suggested we go for modular storage so that we can store large utensils that are not used for daily purposes, as well as the daily essential utensils.

The washbasin was very well built on the edge of the platform, which made it very good, and the taps were of very good quality. The team made sure that the tap was also connected to the water purifier rather than getting a new connection and making more holes on the wall for the same.

The team asked us to choose between a fully tiled option or a semi tiled kitchen. The team explained that a fully tiled kitchen would be better as there are several spillages in the kitchen, and many of these go to the walls as well. If the walls are fully tiled, then it will be easy to just wipe these spillages with water, and the tiles would look so good as well. Tiles also help to regulate the temperature, which is of utmost importance as it tends to get quite hot inside the kitchen with all the cooking. The team also put an exhaust fan on the top of the window, which sucked all the hot air that came while cooking, making the room cool and workable.

After working with an interior design company for our kitchen renovation, we are sure to go with a company rather than an individual contractor/carpenter. With a company like Livspace, you get many options, and you are involved in each decision making, and the project is completed well within the time frame. Large companies have a lot of design options for a person to choose from, and one need not settle with limited choices. Livspace is truly the best interior design company, and we are so happy with our new kitchen.

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