How to Select Furniture that Stands the Test of Time

Good furniture is expensive. And hence, it becomes important that we select furniture that stands the test of time. This is all the truer in case of kitchen fittings since kitchen is the most used zones in any home. Moreover, Indian kitchens are known for corrosion owing to oils, masalas, and spices. The same, followed by extensive use of soap and other cleaning agents, and water, mean kitchen and kitchen fittings are exposed to a lot of impact.

Of course, identifying such highly durable kitchen fittings is not easy. There are a host of options available in the market, and marketing campaigns tend to oversell, which make it a lot more difficult to look past, and evaluate the facts. This is where you need to go beyond, and look out for brands and vendors who offer you genuine and expert handholding. Here are some things that such an industry expert would tell you over ones who are just looking to make quick profits.

Consider durable materials

Trends are all great, but not all of them are equally effective when it comes to durable kitchen fittings. This is where a trust-worthy modular kitchen fittings brand will be upfront in telling you the choices available to you, and their impact on overall durability and longevity. Depending on how long you expect your modular kitchen fittings to last without major repairs, maintenance or an overhaul altogether, communicate your preferences to your vendor. Accordingly, consider materials that are proven to be durable for a similar time frame. For instance, paints and acrylics offer truly exceptional finish but need sooner maintenance than laminates and veneers.

Similarly, the materials you choose for lining your kitchen fittings’ cabinets and drawers, have an impact on the durability of your units. Hence, make it a point to ask for durability impact details when selecting every little add-on or at every customization opportunity.

Best-in-class hinge systems

Most new home buyers or kitchen fitting buyers don’t know this but accessories such as hinges play a pivotal role when it comes to durability of fittings. This is because they are the glue to your modular kitchen fittings. Right from enhancing material strength for cabinets and drawers to ensuring negligible impact on hinges owing to rough handling, hinge systems do a lot more than the credit they get. Hence, it is important that you ask questions about the nature of hinge systems that will be used for your kitchen fittings. Just like you pay attention to kitchen fitting designs, remember to compare the different hinge systems and their benefits.

This will ensure that your kitchen fittings have all the elements required to stand the test of time, while offering utmost convenience and optimal functionality, through all these years.

Consider your usage ecosystem

The best kitchen fitting designs out there, along with best-in-class materials and accessories, cannot give you the durability you desire, if you overlook your ecosystem. This means considering the impact of the weather on your kitchen and kitchen fittings. Next, you must consider your usage styles; are you someone who tends to cherish their wares and is gentle with their usage of most things? Or are you someone who believes things are means to an end? Accordingly, you want to opt for kitchen fitting designs and materials that are compatible with your personal style.


When it comes to kitchen fittings that are highly durable, you must look beyond designs. There are a host of elements that contribute to your modular kitchen fittings’ health. Hence, pay attention to details, and choose wisely.

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