A useful guide to choose the colours for an ideal home

Choosing the right colour for your home is an essential part of turning a house into a home! The right colours will not only make your home look aesthetically pleasing, but it also gives an old room a fresh breath of liveliness.

While choosing a colour you should keep in mind that there are many aspects to a Colour like its brightness, dullness, sheen, and the saturation. These aspects govern the energies and also the vibes they give out.

Furthermore, the base of the paint colour is also a matter of concern if you have kids around the house. For example, oil-based paints are easier to clean and can give out a slightly glossy finish.
So, if you have kids around the house, make sure to go for oil paints as they will make your job of cleaning the walls fairly easy. 

Another is latex paint; this type of paint is commonly used in household and is the choice of paint as it dries faster as compared to oil paint.

And now that you are aware of the basics of colours and paints, I would love to tell you about the colour guide that I followed to recolour my 3 BHK Apartment that I purchased 2 years back to give it a refreshing look.

Complete Colour Guide for Your House

If you are finding it difficult to choose perfect wall paint colour for each room of your home and the colour palate is confusing, then this Colour guide for home is what you need. Read on to know all about the colours and how can you play with different shades of it.

Colours for Your Living Room

The living room is your place for socializing with friends and family where you usually spend your most of the day! Hence, it should be lively and thriving with positive vibes.

To make your living room look full of vibrancy, you can choose the shades of blue and green, which will make the room brighter. Infact, blue and green Colours are also known to enhance the creativity by inducing the hormones which can activate your creative area of the brain.

You can even play with rustic interiors and dark tones like brown, maroon and golden brown if you wish to give your living room a classic vintage look.

Colours for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you relax, rejuvenate and get a good sleep to get charged for the next day. Your bedroom must offer you the same vibes of peace and tranquillity that you mind and soul needs.

Hence, when it comes to choosing colours for bedroom, it is wise to opt for shades of green like sage green, pista green or lavender that soothe your senses. These light colours also induce calmness and light mood.

Colours for the Kid’s Room

While a kid’s room should have creative and energetic colours that complement their spirit, it should also be designed according to your kid’s needs. It is not always necessary to look for a Colour guide for your kid’s room, and you can also opt for wallpaper, wall decals and other murals if your kids like.

You can go for vibrant shades of pink, blue, orange and red if you want to Colour the room specifically with paint Colours. On the other hand, if you wish to play with themes and wallpapers, you can choose the wallpapers of your kid’s favourite cartoon character or floral designs.

Make sure not to use more than 2 Colours in the room as it will be distracting for the kid and may also cause loss of focus.

Colours for the Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where health is made, and the Colours in the kitchen should be just right to make you feel at ease as well as to stimulate your appetite.

You can opt for warm Colours like red, dusky orange, greens or mellow yellow. These warm shades are known to increase the appetite and are excellent options for the kitchen. You can also try the combination of reds and greys or whites and yellows.

If you want to go for lighter colours for kitchen, you can choose from ivory, grey, white or yellow. Make sure to go for oil paints or plastic paints as they can be washed and cleaned with ease.

Colours for the Dining Room

When we hear the word dining room, a visual of food and a welcoming space swarms in front of your eyes, and that is how exactly a dining room should be. To make yourself feel at ease and for giving out a welcoming vibe, it is better to choose colours which will give a subtle look to space.

Opting for dark shades of orange, yellow, cream or brown will be the perfect choice for colours dining room. These dark undertones not only makes the space look aesthetic but will also give out vibes to bring harmony.

A piece of useful advice will be to match the furniture of our dining room with the colours of your walls which will give a compelling look to your dining room.

Colours for the Bathroom

When it comes to choosing colours for bathroom, everyone has a different choice. Some of you might want to colour the bathroom with luxury colours like black, golden or golden brown while some of you might want your bathroom to have a peaceful look with colours like white, light blue or pale blue.

But, your bathroom should look crisp, clean and should make you feel refreshed at the same time. Choosing colours like mint green, light blue or teal will give out the fresh feeling.

On the contrary, some might like dark accent & “expensive” colours like matte golden, black or sandy brown.

Choose the Right Colour for Home

Colour psychology and colour energies might sound like the tale of old times, but every Colour indeed has its energy and vibes that significantly affects the mood of the person and aura of the home. It is good to know the basics about home colour selection rather than choosing random shades from the Colour palate.

Opt for right shades for your bedroom, living room, kid’s room, dining room and kitchen to see your house coming alive with positive vibes.

Happy colouring!

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