bedroom ideas

Living space is of real importance in an individual’s life. A bedroom made as per the individual going to live in it makes all the difference. Likewise, a bedroom of a teenage boy must be in accordance with the ideas and objects that he likes, and it must be functional with handy study table designs. Teenage boys need a simple, cool and functional room that they can use to spend time with their friends. The functionality of the room can be enhanced with the application of smart study table design ideas while finalising study table designs as studying is an essential part of a teenager’s life.

You can make a difference in your teenager’s bedroom design by rubbing their personalities off in the decor by placing artworks going along with the boy or giving his room the feel of his favourite football team or his dearest cartoon character. Below is a collection of a few fabulous bedroom ideas for teenage boys:

  1. Detachable Beds Design : Detachable beds will be great for creating a shared bedroom for teenage boys. The beds could be tucked in during the day and spread out in the night. The design even saves space.
  2. Black and White Bedroom : A black and white bedroom never goes out of style, and it will suit teenagers the best. The black walls will make a perfect contrast to open white bookcase shelves. A super white floor will amp up the room like anything.
  3. Stylish Bedroom Design : Period pieces with elegant artwork will make the room look gorgeous. A royal bed can be created with shelves below it. Also, a quirky study table design will complete the bedroom design.
  4. Red, White and Blue RoomThe red, blue and white coloured bedroom for a teenage boy will look perfect. The room can be designed around a sports theme.
  5. Bunk Bed with Desk : A loft bed would be a space saver along with being cool. Also, a study table can be placed below the lifted bed for a great enclosed place to study.
  6. A Bedroom with Murals : If your boy is into music, placing a massive mural of his favourite singer would be a good idea. The room will look fantastic with a big painting, a thought out study table design and a bed in the corner.

Take inspiration from the above ideas and more importantly consider the nature of your boy while designing his bedroom. Also, make use of study table design ideas in making the study table designer as it will be one of the most functional parts of the room.

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