3 Ways to Ensure Durable Furniture And Fittings

The pandemic has changed the way how we perceive our homes and personal space. We are no longer just happy to settle for trends. Instead, we want to create homes that reflect our identify and sensibilities, while offering value for money. Accordingly, simply focusing on the best ideas for furniture and fittings or opting for interior designers that recommend the most premium furniture and fittings is no longer enough. Urban home owners in India are increasingly pay attention to details when it comes to modular furniture and fittings; these include understanding how materials and texture react to the local climate and environment, durability, and impact on maintenance costs.

If you too are a home owner looking to redo your furniture and fittings, or doing your new home’s interiors for the first time, here are some key things to consider that your furniture and fittings deliver on durability and accordingly, low maintenance costs.

Opt for weather-friendly materials

Beach-front homes are great, but we all know what they mean for your furniture and fittings – a lot of corrosion and frequent maintenance and replacement for even the best furniture and fittings out there. Of course, not all of us have the privilege of such a home. Yet, you need to factor in for the weather when shortlisting ideas for furniture and fittings, no matter where you live. Extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity, and cold impacts the materials of your furniture and fittings, and hence, their shelf life. For instance, wood tends to expand during monsoons, and goes back to its original size once the rains recede. If you opt for wood-based furniture and fittings, this could mean a challenge in shutting doors and cabinets through the season unless you are willing to use a sand paper. In turn, doing so could impact the overall look and finish of your interiors and impact the durability of the original appeal. Hence, make sure you consider the local climate and seasons before implementing popular furniture and fittings trends.

Consider your usage style

Another aspect that tends to impact the durability of the most value for money furniture and fittings is how you use them. Gentle usage, frequent cleaning, safe cleaning products, and protection from harsh lighting can go a long in preserving the health of your favourite furniture and fittings. This is because even though it may not be apparent initially, over a period, these little details add up to determine whether your furniture and fittings appear as brand new as they did in an interiors showroom or an online catalogue when you decided to go for them.

Invest in premium quality accessories

One of the most important factors that can go a long way in ensuring durability for your new modular furniture and fittings is the accessories. Elements such as handles, and hinges have an important role to play when it comes to ensuring your furniture and fittings last for several years without being chipped or losing their sheen. This is because furniture and fittings such as soft close hinges and a variety of premium hinges ensure minimal wear and tear and damage-related impact during daily handling. More importantly, they work effectively to ensure the materials used in furniture and fittings do not get impacted or worn out easily. This ensures that your furniture and fittings, designed by the very best interior consultants in the city, last for years without looking old or damaged.

Conclusion When it comes to planning furniture and fittings that are inspired from the best ideas out there, it is important to pay attention to the many details that can transform your interiors into a durable investment. This way, you can truly get the best value out of our furniture and fittings, whether you are opting for modular solutions online or getting them custom-made from an online expert or a showroom near you.

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