10 Fantastic and Functional Wardrobe Design Ideas

Dressing rooms are the whole and sole bedroom storage solution. Along with being an ultimate answer to clutter, they are also glamorous. A floor-to-ceiling shelved wardrobe is a place for your neatly arranged clothes. A perfect dressing room may be hard to conceptualise and make, but having a look at these dressing rooms, and wardrobe design ideas, you will get a good dose of inspiration for creating a perfect clothes storage solution.

  1. Go for statement clothes storage – A wardrobe can make a room feel enclosed, hence choose open storage. Go for a wardrobe idea that has a variety of combinations and the one that gives you the necessary bedroom storage. You must be able to see exactly what you own, as out of sight is out of mind.
  2. Select a characterful dressing table – For creating a beautiful dressing area, choosing a right kind of dressing table is utterly essential. Make sure your dressing table matches the rest of your furniture and accessories. Also, place your dressing table where you get plenty of natural light.
  3. Consider a walk-through wardrobeAn interior space between the bedroom and ensuite can turn out to be the perfect spot for a walk-through closet.
  4. Devise a secret room behind the wardrobe doors – For this wardrobe idea, section off a part of the bedroom using sliding doors for partition as well as to keep the dust away. Also, a mirrored door can be devised, which not only has the apparent use but also create the illusion of more space.
  5. Go bespoke for a perfect fitting dressing area – Utilise every inch of space while designing your dressing room with bespoke furniture. Before calling a company to work on the space, do a quick check of what you want to stow away.
  6. Use the not-used corner – There may be an area in your room with sloping ceiling or awkward alcove too small for a wardrobe. Make the most of such spaces with a small dressing table, and statement chair.
  7. Use a room divider – You can create the walk-through wardrobe in a small space by using a closet as a room divider. This wardrobe design idea works if you want to use part of your bedroom as an office.
  8. Show off your clothes and accessories – Got a particular set of clothing and shoes you would want people to look at? Show off them in style. Put them behind glazed glasses.
  9. Re-organise your storeroom – Utilise a box room, by installing a spare bed and lining the walls with wardrobes for a dressing room feel. Again, mirrored doors will stretch your space visually.
  10. Choose a budget-friendly option – If you have got a long run of a wall, and you need to fix clothes rails and shelves, then hiding your stuff behind curtains is an affordable way to create a walk-in wardrobe.

Take inspiration from the above wardrobe storage ideas to make classy wardrobe furniture that you will love to use.

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