How to increase immunity among kids

The right height and weight of your kid according to their age, can only be ensured by their strong immunity system. If your kid gets sick easily, it will affect their growth and development a lot. The good health of your child depends a lot on his immunity system. So, it is important for you to boost their immunity for healthy living and serve them with food to increase immunity

Here are some tips you can consider your child’s strong immunity:

  1. Breastfeeding your kid is really important for their immunity as it includes antibodies and white blood cells. Mother’s milk guards the child against various diseases and protects their immune system. So, make sure your child has enough breast milk.
  2. Serve them with all the fruits and vegetables. All these are full of nutrients that are necessary for their strong immunity. Don’t forget to add green veggies in their diet, even though they don’t like it because they are full of nutrients that are important for growing kids. You can look for healthy food recipes in order to make your kid eat all the vegetables.
  3. Milk needs to be a part of their diet. They need to consume at least one glass of milk every day. It is going to make them and their immune system strong. They also need to have enough water in a day because it cleans your body well and keeps your immune system strong and fit. 
  4. Make sure your kid is doing exercise every day. It doesn’t matter if they are doing it for 15-20 minutes a day, but they should do exercise every day. It is really important for their strong immune system. It helps them to fight various diseases, so, make it their habit.
  5. Getting enough sleep is also important for good immunity. Let your toddler sleep for 11-13 hours a day if you want their immunity to be strong enough to fight germs, viruses, and infections. Letting them sleep enough will also make them active and strong throughout the day.
  6. Teach them to wash their hands every time before eating something. And also tell them to clean the fruits before consuming them to prevent them from consuming germs that may harm their immunity. Ask them to wash their hands with soap and water every time they come home from outside to keep them away from harmful germs.
  7. Also, don’t forget to take them for vaccinations from time to time. All the vaccines have been prepared to secure their immune system from catching viruses or infections. The vaccines protect them from various diseases, so, don’t ever forget to take them for vaccinations.

These tips are really going to help you a lot to make your kid have strong immunity. Never compromise with their food and so, keep on looking for easy snack recipes for kids to serve your kid with something healthy for their immunity. And keep all the tips in mind for a healthy future of your kid.

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