5 Ways You Can Make Your Child More Self -Aware

Self-awareness is a very important skill. It helps a kid or an adult to assess their own behaviour and judge their attitude in different social circumstances and situations.


For kids, this is a much needed quality, since it allows them to recognize different emotional patterns and cultivate their own reactions or responses towards them. By the age of 5-6 years, kids experience high sense of competitiveness among their peers, which can become really hard to handle for parents, according to an article on Parents. The quality of self-awareness not only aids a child’s social and emotional development but helps him/her to aim for healthy competition in academics and co-curricular activities.

Here are few ways, by which parents can help their kid become more self-aware. However, it is also important that kids are given a healthy diet or a nutritional powder to aid their brain development.

1.  Set an Example

Parents are said to be a child’s first school. When they see their parents managing daily stressful situations wisely and with utmost patience, they are more likely to follow suit. Your positive behaviour will teach them how they can stay calm and act wisely in a frustrating and unpleasant situation.

2. Never Judge your Child’s Emotions

There are many parents who, over the time, tend to ignore their child’s display of emotions. They consider it another one of their tantrums and get on with their work. However, parents should know that it is only by expressing their emotions kids that kids learn how to deal with them, says an article published by Psychology Today.

3. Understanding the Importance of Time

No matter what the capabilities of a child allow, he/she needs to have a certain threshold of confidence and knowledge in almost every subject or area they are exposed to, in their education system. Encourage your child to estimate and predict the time in which they’ll do a particular task. When they have done it, ask them to record it. Soon the values of the initial and final estimates will start to align, which will make the kid more self aware of his/her capabilities.

4. Develop the Habit of Making Checklists

Be it some household chore or a school project, encourage the child to make a mini checklist of the steps they’ll need to take, to accomplish a particular task. This will aid their self-evaluation abilities. You can also ask them to score themselves and compare them at various occasions.

5. Teach Self-Verbalization Skills

Self-verbalization is an extremely important cognitive skill that makes a kid aware of his/her inner-voice. Expressing their inner thoughts aloud will help them nurture the habit of creating strategies that are self -instructional. No matter what kind of situation kids are put in, they’ll eventually find a way out it by building required strategies.

While kids are busy taking leaps in the journey of self-awareness, parents should make sure they empathize with them at every step of it. This will help child become more confident and feel secure.

Kids should additionally be given a daily dosage of nutritional powders like Enfagrow A+, which is a fortified milk powder containing DHA . It is a nutrient responsible for children’s brain development helping them achieve their developmental milestones at the right age.




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