2 year baby food chart your baby will love!

As your baby turns 2 years, you will see a drastic change in their eating habits, behavioural patterns and their social circuit. While the latter two habits only time can change, the former, however, is something that you can work on from this very moment. 

With the give lifestyle that we all lead and the children are exposed to, it is crucial for parents to ensure that your little one is eating healthy. Introducing healthy eating right from the beginning will help your baby to build a healthy life and future. 

One way to achieve this by preparing a meal plan for your 2 year old. You can make this chart visually appealing to keep your little one looking forward to his/her meals. While you make the 2 year old baby food chart it is important to keep in balanced. A 2 year old baby food plan should include the right amount of poultry, seas food, vegetables, fruits, lentils and dairy to support the baby’s development.

Below we give an ideal food child for your growing toddler. Read on to find some more tips at the end of this article.









Cereal with fresh fruit

Cup of milk

Curry made with any pulses of Rice and Dahi

Paneer cutlet with milk

Aloo mutter with Missi roti


Dosa with Moong Dal Chilla

Seasonal Fruits

Mixed vegetables curry with chapatti

Fruit milkshake

Chappatti with soya chunks fried


Hard-boiled egg with toast

Vegetable soup

Veg biriyani with cucumber sticks

Milk and biscuits

Vegetable kichdi


Idli and sambar

2 idlis with chutney

Aloo parantha with dahi


Boiled chicken with rice


Ragi porridge with chopped nuts


Chana Dal Kichdi


Vegetable soup with 2 cutlets (veg or non-veg)


Oats cooked in milk

Paneer Bhurji

Chole curry with chapattis

Oats kichdi

Sambar with rice


Vegetable parantha

Milk and biscuits

Paneer Pulao


Vegetable pulao with dahi


  • Include protein and energy-rich foods
  • Make two glasses of milk a part of their daily diet
  • Serve generous amount of green leafy veggies
  • Include seasonal fruits in the diet
  • Serve carrots, beetroots, and cucumber as finger foods with peanut butter or mayonnaise dips
  • Keep electronic devices away during meal times from both – your toddler and you
  • Serve small but frequent meals
  • Nutritional snacks work well as mid-day or mid-evening snack
  • Avoid too spicy or too hot foods
  • Avoid junk food
  • Encourage your toddler to sit in one place throughout the meal
  • Lastly, do not use food as a reward or punishment

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