Here’s How Disney World Uses Digital Signage

Disney World has a vast number of digital signage displays. It effectively uses digital signage to deliver an extra something to its visitors. It specifically uses them to keep visitors informed, safe and entertained.

Digital signage use to keep visitors informed

Disney World makes use of digital signage to keep visitors informed during their wait times. Waiting in line is one of the most exhausting part of visiting an amusement park, especially in a hot climate. Disney World helps reduce the stress by employing simple LED displays with the ride signs. The presentations inform the visitors the exact wait time for the ride.

With the help of this display tool on which information can be changed real-time, visitors can accurately plan their day in the park. Visitors can decide if they want to continue standing in line or check some other activity. Moreover, the information is synced real-time with Disney World’s app, which helps visitors know wait times for all the events of the park.

Digital signage use to keep visitors safe

Amusement parks have intense rides, and at an entertainment place like Disney World, the rides are quite extreme, which require a reliable safety system in place. Every amusement park needs a system to deliver clear safety instructions. With the use of digital signage, Disney World makes this easy.

For example, at the ride Mission Space, Disney World uses videos on digital displays to inform visitors of safety protocols. Also, the more intense version of Mission Space, ‘Mission Orange’ explicitly features spinning and G-forces of the ride. This lets visitors know about the intensity of the ride and inspires them to rather opt for a less intense version like ‘Mission Green’.

Digital signage use to keep visitors entertained

Because of the rush at places like Disney World, visitors have to wait in line. But even the waiting period can be made magical by the use of various projectors and displays.

For example, in the Magic Kingdom, the waiting line features many projectors that create the illusion of Tinkerbell flying in the room and messing with different objects. The projectors even create shadows of bells on the wall, which creates a sound when rung.

Hence, the Disney World takes inputs from digital signage displays to be the most magical place on earth. With a focus on customer experience, everything in the park is designed to keep visitors engaged, informed and safe.

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