The Best Fat Removal Treatments In Dubai

Dubai is truly the land of the free. The city offers everything that your heart desires, and then some. In the last few decades, it has evolved into a spectacular and global city with great choices in housing, employment, education, tourism, recreation, and hospitality.

In recent years, Dubai has also emerged as one of the foremost destinations for plastic and cosmetic procedures in the world. It leads the Middle East area with excellent and experienced doctors, state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to offer patients cutting edge solutions for a variety of issues. From fat removal to skin corrective procedures, Dubai’s doctors and clinics offer them all.

Looking for fat removal or reduction?

Every person aspires to have the perfect figure with zero fat bulges and a sculpted silhouette. But not everyone is blessed with great metabolism or the genes to remain slim and fit-looking even when they age. For others, it is a constant battle between balancing their lifestyle with their food habits, and trying to get some exercise regularly.

After your move to Dubai, have you noticed extra fat sitting on your middle, back and thighs? It may depress you to see that your clothes no longer fit like they used to, that you have to keep buying larger sizes every few months. Then there is the question of feeling tired and unfit all the time. Carrying extra fat and weight is not good for the body – it leads to health complications like heart disease, fatty liver, breathing trouble, diabetes and kidney ailments. Excess weight also puts pressure on your major joints and accelerates the aging process.

After trying in vain to lose weight and fat using exercise, slimming teas and fresh salad, it may be time to consider going under the knife to remove the offending fat. You can find a variety of techniques being practiced in Dubai that focus on fat removal.

The following are the best fat removal treatments being offered in Dubai:

* Liposuction or laser fat removal.

Laser fat removal is one of the most effective fat reduction/removal techniques in Dubai and the UAE. The procedure is safe provided you satisfy certain health parameters, as determined by the doctor. During the laser fat removal, the doctor places a laser device under the skin to break the fatty deposits. The broken deposits are then vacuumed or suctioned out of the body using a small cannula-like device and low-power vacuum pump. Since a laser beam is used in the process, the procedure offers the advantage of the skin becoming tauter. In most fat removal cases, the skin hangs loose and has stretch marks. However, laser fat removal works best on small areas of the body, such as love handles, double chin or flabby neck.

* Double chin reduction.

If your double chin is frustrating you, there is a good answer: double chin reduction treatment. Your double chin will not disappear with face and neck exercises, nor with a healthy diet. It needs to be removed with a doctor’s help. Approach a reputed body and skin care clinic in Dubai and take a consult for their double chin reduction procedure. It is a safe treatment that does not have any side effects and which leaves you with a firmer profile and sculpted jawline.

* Body reshaping.

Body fat can be extremely stubborn, and trying to shake it off can be a challenge that soon transcends into frustration. You might try a variety of cardio and strength building exercises to melt the body fat, to no avail. After weeks and months of putting yourself through strenuous workouts, you are about to give up – but wait. Why not opt for a body reshaping treatment from a leading skin and body care solutions clinic in Dubai? It takes care of localised fat on the arms, under-breast, back, abdomen, hips and thighs. The fat has to measure 14mm or above on surgeon calipers for you to qualify for this treatment.

* Tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck is medically referred to as an ‘Abdominoplasty’. The procedure removes the excess skin and fat in the abdomen area and offers a smooth and tight contour. The abdominal area is sculpted to look tighter and the inner muscles are also tightened to add firmness and reduce stretch marks. The best clinics in Dubai offer a range of abdominoplasty options, from the conventional tummy tuck to a tummy tuck combined with liposuction, and tucking to remove loose skin. Your doctor can take a look at your body to judge which type of tummy tuck(s) will work best for you.

* Cellulite reduction.

Cellulite is stubborn fat present under the skin. It shows up as dimpled or ‘orange peel’ skin and is clearly visible when there is an excess of it. You should consult your doctor about getting rid of the cellulite through an effective cellulite reduction treatment offered in Dubai and UAE.

Which one is best for you?

The good news is that you can undergo a variety of treatments in the city, from laser fat removal in Dubai’s clinics to a simpler tummy tuck. However, you may not always be a good candidate for some procedures. Since these procedures manipulate the degree of fat and skin present in the body, the doctor must proceed with caution so as not to put the patient in any kind of risk. There have been cases where a person undergoing fat removal procedures may have experienced post-procedure complications like breathing issues, heart failure and even severe allergies. However, when performed safely and with an expert hand, and after extensively studying your health status and physical readiness for the procedure(s), these fat removal methods may give you the coveted fat-free body that you have been looking for. You should leave it to your doctor to recommend the best course of action. And if the doctor does not recommend any surgical intervention for your fatty deposits, that edict must be accepted with grace, too.

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