The best anti-dandruff shampoo to rid you of all your dry scalp woes

Dandruff is the most common among hair problems. It affects everyone irrespective of age or gender. This does not mean that you should suffer because of it till the end of your life. You should take action immediately. Browse the internet. The market abounds in anti-dandruff shampoos that are great for all types of hair. If you reside in UAE, the job is a breeze. Follow this guide, and you will get the best anti-dandruff shampoo in UAE.

Know what causes dandruff

The first step towards getting the best anti-dandruff shampoo is to know the cause of dandruff. It happens due to the following reasons:

  • Eczema
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Psoriasis

Know that lack of hygiene is not the reason for dandruff. It is often the result of the conditions mentioned above. For instance, seborrheic dermatitis is the result of certain hormones and genes. The condition causes scaly, itchy and flaky patches on your scalp. The overall health of your scalp, weather, stress and other diseases too may cause dandruff. In such instances, an anti-dandruff shampoo will do the job. But if the issue persists and other discomforts follow this, you may need medical intervention.

Understand what to look for in an anti-dandruff shampoo

If your choice falls on the best anti-dandruff shampoo in UAE, it should contain the following ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid: This reduces the number of dead cells on your scalp. It also stops those cells from getting together, thereby reducing those patches. This is the most effective treatment to eliminate those dead cells from your scalp and prevent them from returning.
  • Selenium Sulfide kills the bacteria and other fungi you may have on your scalp. It is a powerful treatment for Malassezia fungus.
  • Zinc Pyrithione: This destroys bacteria and fungi. It also boosts the production of sebum. As a result, your scalp remains oily. And the substance can do its job without drying out your scalp.
  • Coal Tar: This too reduces the number of dead cells forming on your scalp. It is a cleansing agent.

There are also other ingredients. Each one would depend on the brand you choose. Whatever is the brand, look for the ones mentioned above.

Other tips to remember

Remember the following when trying to get the best anti-dandruff shampoo:

  • Do your homework: The one that works well for your friend may not work for you. Know what your scalp and hair need most and choose the one ideal for you. You can also consult a doctor for the purpose. The professional may have feasible recommendations to make. Go for them.
  • Take time to wash it properly: Your scalp and hair, too, need your attention. A simple lather is not going to help. If your scalp is dry and has dandruff, go for the shampoos designed for the purpose. See to it that you massage your hair well. This improves blood circulation and eliminates dirt.

These tips apply specifically for those with a dry scalp:

  1. Avoid shampoos that are meant to strengthen, fortify or volumize your hair. Such shampoos drain your scalp of its natural oil.
  2. If your scalp has a little dryness and there are no itchy scales of skin, you can go for the ones meant to moisturize your skin. Such shampoos help your scalp retain its natural moisture.

You should also stay safe from the shampoos that contain sulfate. Such shampoos will make your scalp drier.

Finally, buy your anti-dandruff shampoo online. Doing this helps you find astounding variety, huge discounts, great deals and even instructional materials to make an informed decision.

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