Preparing for Plastic Surgery the Right Way in Dubai

Plastic surgery is a life-changing procedure. Like all surgical procedures, plastic surgery requires some extensive preparation too. Whether it is a corrective surgery or implant insertion, all plastic surgeries need some preoperative preparations. Now we will try to guide you on how you should prepare for plastic surgery in Dubai.

Gather information:

For any operation, you must always look for the best surgeon available. For plastic surgery in Dubai, you can get to know about a lot of doctors who maybe be suitable for the job. Generally, people go to doctors they are familiar with. Some people talk to their acquaintances and go to the doctor they think are good enough. Another group of people turns to the internet for the best advice. These are not the right ways to choose someone who will shape how your face looks. To take advice from someone you know or have heard about from others is like leaving the result on to chance.

Different plastic surgery procedures have different requirements. Surgeons good with one kind of procedure may lack the skill set required to achieve perfection in some other type of procedure. The internet is filled with biased reviews of doctors. Then how do you find the perfect surgeon? It’s not an easy task, but you should look for the clinic and the doctor. Find which clinic offers you the latest procedures and best equipment. You should go through the testimonies of previous patients who have undergone the same procedures as you desire. Next, talk to multiple doctors and decide who you are confident about.

Changes in lifestyle:

Every plastic surgery requires the patient to undergo some lifestyle shifts to speed up recovery after the procedure. Plastic surgery in Dubai is the next big industry. Many people go under the knife to achieve their dream look. Most people undergo intensive post-operative care, but not all people think about preoperative care. Adopting certain lifestyle habits can reduce the chances of infection and post-operative complications. We have made a schedule for you to follow for preoperative care:

1. During week four, before the operation, you must visit a physician.

It is advised by most surgeons to undergo a full body checkup during this time. This can reveal health conditions, which can cause complications later.

2) During the third week is when it is advised for patients to quit smoking and drinking.

  • These habits can cause a reduced immune response and delayed healing.
  • You must also shift to a diet that contains a lot of antioxidants. Fresh vegetables and fruits must be a part of your meals. Consume food rich in protein like chicken, fish, and egg. Avoid food that contains salicylates.
  • It is advised to keep medicines like Bromelain used for reducing swelling and Arnica Montana useful for pain relief, reduces swelling, and promotes healing.

3) 2 weeks before the operation:

  • During this week you must visit your doctor and consult them about the medicines you should start taking.
  • This is the right time to start taking vitamins. Vitamins help boost immunity and also maintain body homeostasis after surgery—generally, doctors advise for daily consumption of vitamins A, C, and Bromelain up to two times per day.
  • Surgeons often recommend limiting the intake of vitamin E. Apart from multivitamins, the consumption of tablets or capsules of vitamin E can be detrimental to health later.
  • Inform your surgeons about any herbal supplements you have been taking. This is also the time to inform your doctors about your allergies.
  • Medicines like Aspirin or medicines containing Aspirin should not be taken.

4) A week before the operation:

  • During this time, one must reduce the intake of sodium to 1,200 – 1,500 mg daily.
  • Continue consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts, and high protein meals.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Make sure you have purchased enough medicines required. It may not be possible for you to do this after the surgery.
  • Get lots of rest and focus on proper nutrition

5) 2 days before your plastic surgery

  • Start taking Arnica Montana every 8 hours for 10 days (2 days prior the procedure and 8 days after the procedure)
  • Continue taking Bromelain every 12 hours between meals (or as your surgeon directs)

6) A day before your plastic surgery

  • Get a good night’s sleep and rest well.
  • Fast and do not drink after midnight the night before.

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