Most Common Myths About Hydrafacial and What are the Truth Behind Them

Skin-care experts and beauty gurus are raving about hydrafacial treatments right now. But why is this medical procedure so popular?

With no downtime necessary, this office procedure targets aging and dry skin and promises results. Before undergoing the hydrafacial operation, one must dispel a lot of misconceptions and warnings.

This post will define Hydrafacial and dispel some myths about it with the truth so that you may decide for yourself.

What Is Hydrafacial?

A Hydrafacial is a high-quality hydra-dermabrasion treatment that unclogs pores and hydrates skin with many serums. These facials use the revolutionary device made by EDGE Systems to extract impurities from the skin, clean the face, and hydrate it to give it a plump and glowing appearance.

The Benefits of Hydrafacial

Other advantages of the hydrafacial procedure, besides luring the skin into a dewy complexion, include:

  • minimizing pores’ size and wrinkles’ appearance
  • Skin-nourishing and comforting
  • encouraging the skin’s collagen synthesis
  • repairing facial discoloration and sun damage

Who Should get Hydrafacial

In general, this hydrafacial treatment is approved for all with normal health for their age. However, for patients who have an active rash, sunburn, or rosacea, this treatment is not advised. Additionally, as some serum infusions, like salicylic acid, are yet to be approved as safe for use during pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid this treatment.

Now with the basics of the procedure cleared out, let’s look at what are some common myths and the truth about them.

Myth #1: Everyone Gets the Same Hydrafacial Treatment

Because hydrafacial treatments may be tailored to your skin’s demands, the results are extremely effective.

The patient’s needs are taken into account when determining the type and ratio of serums to apply, as well as the length of time for each subprocess. The kind of skin, intended results, and the patient’s prior experience with peels will all influence the acid peels used for exfoliation. The suction power of the HydraPeel Tip can also be adjusted to work on more delicate areas.

Myth #2: Hydrafacial Extraction has Severe Risks

Given that no pressing or squeezing is done, patients frequently compare the procedure to a mild massage. Also, because it consistently produces positive outcomes and is gentle, painless, and devoid of the negative effects that are common with traditional facials, hydrafacials are a popular technique.

Additionally, there is no irritation or lingering peeling after this procedure. This noninvasive process also treats skin issues like acne, and there are no aftercare instructions or downtime requirements.

Myth #3: Hydrafacial Cannot be Coupled with Other Treatments

Patients may choose to have injectables, non-ablative light, and laser treatments safely performed on the same day of getting the hydrafacial treatment, even though boosters and LED treatments are frequently requested after a session. Intense pulsed light and the V-beam, which treat sun damage and minimize redness, are two examples.

Myth #4: Hydrafacial Does Not Last Long

Your skin will be bright and radiant after a hydrafacial, and it will also linger longer than traditional facials. It is a therapy meant to make you look better over time; however, since there is no quick fix, it is advised to get the procedure done every four to six weeks to ensure continual progress.

Do consult your doctor if you intend to have it done in conjunction with other minimally invasive procedures like microblading and Botox, as they would necessitate recovery time and might result in unfavorable side effects.

Myth #5: Hydrafacial Results Take Time to Show

Ordinary facials can leave your skin red and swollen, blistering and hurting for an hour afterward. However, this treatment’s results are visible straight away and give your skin a cleaner, brighter, and smoother appearance. Celebrities use this surgery because of its glowing effects on the skin before major occasions and public appearances.

Myth #6: Hydrafacial Results are Not Consistent

Since the effects of the high-tech skin care method are not always dependent on the skills of your expert, it produces consistent results. Hydrafacial therapy is constantly secure and efficient, regardless of who administers it, unlike traditional facials that might have varying effects like skin inflammation or scarring.


A hydrafacial is the finest method to give yourself and your skin the opulent treatment you deserve. Investing in your skin is always a wise decision. All skin tones can benefit from the HydraFacial procedure, which has no downtime. In fact, once you leave the house, your complexion probably looks better. Additionally, it is the most efficient technique to exfoliate, extract, and cleanse your skin in addition to being quick, painless, and without any negative side effects. Hope you understand what the facts are regarding hydrafacial so as to make an informed decision about it. Happy Skincare!

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