Mask Acne, Dark Circles And Loose Skin - Let's Fix Them All

Is there a person in the world that is fully satisfied with their own appearance? While one may have the perfect body, they may be unhappy about their facial features. Another might have glossy hair, but skin riddled with acne scars. And yet another may look and feel much older than they should.

Fortunately, there are effective solutions to the problem of skin aging, whether it is acne or loss of texture. This article highlights three of the most common skin problems people face around the world, and what to do about them.

  • Mask acne – it’s a real thing!

The world has been using face masks ever since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in early 2020. Since then, you may have heard of the phenomenon ‘Mask acne’. It means that wearing the face mask gives you acne – but is this true? Take a good look at your own face. Have you noticed a change in skin tone and texture ever since you started using the mask? Ideally, the mask should be washed after every use with a good antibacterial soap – but this is rarely done. Instead, most of us have been washing the mask on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Meanwhile, the mask traps heat inside which settles on the skin and opens up the pores. This causes excessive sweat and oil to leach out to the skin’s upper layers – causing more heat, and continuing a vicious cycle of events. Soon, the skin gets a few pimples and whiteheads. If you continue using the mask at this stage and do not address the skin’s issues by cleansing and moisturising, you soon develop acne. You may use topical beauty products to suppress acne, but the underlying problem remains unfixed.

Fix it: Wash the cloth mask every day, and throw away disposable masks the moment you are done using them for the day. Cleanse the skin at once.

  • The dark truth about undereye circles

Dark circles are not taken too seriously unless they start becoming dark enough to make you look ill. Almost every person in the world would have suffered dark circles at some point in their lives, especially at times of sickness or lack of sleep. But some people sport them all year, and the circles might be dark enough to warrant comment. The phenomenon is unkindly called ‘Raccoon eyes’ and it can alter one’s appearance dramatically. They are the result of overstressed blood vessels in the delicate skin around the eyes, caused by stress, lack of sleep, or an underlying medical disorder. In some cases, the problem is irreversible.

Fix it: Get a doctor to assess why you have dark circles. If it is stress or sleep-related, you can address it by using a suitable beauty product like a brightening and firming eye serum from a reputed brand. You can even invest in an undereye care kit to keep your peepers shining bright without shadows.

  • Lose the loose skin!

It is the bane of every person who wishes to age gracefully and not look old before their time – loose skin around the neck and arms can make one look at least 10 years older than you are. And it seems like there is no cure for it.

The skin loses elasticity over time, but some lose it faster than others. The skin’s tissues may be dehydrated and in aid of essential minerals and vitamins. The proportion of collagen is depleted and this results in lack of elasticity. Not only does the skin become looser, it also becomes thinner and duller than before. The problem can be corrected to some extent with exercise, facial massages and a balanced diet. But you will also need a good beauty product to tauten and hydrate the skin.

Fix it: Let your doctor examine your skin to note the extent of looseness and your skin type. Based on the examination, they can recommend a suitable treatment for you. The dermatologist may recommend that you use an anti-aging serum containing vital ingredients like Mesenchymal Stem Cytokines, Niacinamide (Vit B3), Palmitoyl oligopeptide. These aid cellular repair and rejuvenation, collagen synthesis, trap moisture inside the tissues, increase suppleness, and restore tautness and elasticity.

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