How to turn dry hair into healthy hair?

There are many ways to turn your dry hair into a healthy one but are you ready to give time and effort? This is the main point and if your answer is yes, we can help you. Dry hair is the result of your carelessness and following poor eating habits. It can be due to an underlying health problem but that’s uncommon.

Your dry hair can be the consequence of humidity, smoking, and showering with hot water. By making some lifestyle changes and using the right products, you can easily restore silkiness in your hair. 

Remember that dry hair is more prone to damage so don’t be late in taking appropriate action.  

Use Natural Shampoo but don’t use it often

Shampooing your hair is crucial to remove grime and sweat. But at the same time, it washes off sebum that is good for the hair. When present in a sufficient amount, sebum moisturizes your hair and protects it from becoming brittle.

You don’t have to shampoo them daily to prevent the fading of natural oil. Do it on alternate for the best results. However, Medimix natural shampoo for dry hair is a great choice when you like shampooing daily. It doesn’t strip off natural oil from your scalp.

Most of the shampoo sold in the market contains sulphates, alcohols, and silicones. These are extremely harmful to your hair. Instead, the best alternative you can buy is Medimix ayurvedic shampoo. It has jojoba oil and hibiscus extract, which acts as a moisturizer and treats dullness.

Consume Healthy Food

Everything we eat and drink affects our hair growth. In order to make your hair look good, you must eat healthy too. Consume foods riched with nutrients like omega 3 and antioxidants. Salmon, oysters, tuna, kidney beans, blueberries, and tomatoes can fulfill the need of your hair. Moreover, don’t forget to keep your body hydrated. Also, many people who smoke are unaware of the fact that it can damage their hair. And that’s why you must stop smoking to prevent dryness in the hair.

Protect your Hair

Exposing your hair to sunlight for a prolonged time can easily cause hair dryness. It needs protection too as does your skin. Wear a hat while going out. Besides, always wear a swim cap when you are in the pool.

Use Essential Oil

If your hair breaks easily while combing, it means they are excessively dry. You can make them smoother using essential oils. Take a little amount of coconut oil in your palm and apply it with your fingers. Make sure to reach the tip of the hair and not going to its roots. Argan Oil or Olive oil will also work if you don’t have coconut oil at your home. However, these will not be needed as Medimix herbal shampoo for dry hair already contains jojoba oil.

Final Words

These are some common tips to handle hair dryness and dullness. For more such tips on maintaining healthy hair, we are here to assist you anytime. Let’s discuss the rest of the things in the comment section.

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