5 Ways to Care for Your Eyebrow Without Parlor Visits

Well-groomed eyebrows are an integral part of your overall appearance. They enhance the facial features and create a beautiful balance. Unkempt brows, on the other hand, might make the face appear uneven or droopy. They have the potential to throw off the entire expression and make you look tired, angry or even sad. Therefore, shaping your eyebrows according to your face cut and maintaining them with effective strategies is a good idea. The good news is that you do not have to visit parlors to achieve the desired look. Have a look at how to maintain your brows without professional help at home. These are safe and time effective too.

1. Electric Trimmers for Women

For curved arch or a soft balance, eyebrow trimmers are useful. Pick the one which is easy and comfortable to use on sensitive parts of the face. This makes it convenient to ensure a hairless and smooth eyebrow line. It also reduces the chances of nicks and cuts. In fact, they are a better alternative to tweezing which often lead to swelling. Purchase the one equipped with a wide range of accessories like trimming head and cleaning brush for a great experience. Do read the instructions on ‘how to use eyebrow trimmer’ for a safe session.

2. Castor Oil for Growth

It is made from fatty acids which can nourish the skin. Regular usage can boost the growth of thick eyebrows. Use cotton swabs or mascara applicators to spread the oil evenly for desired results. This saves ample effort and money which are required in eyebrow enhancement at salons. But before that, ensure they are free of makeup, sweat or oil. However, pregnant and lactating women should avoid castor oil.

3. Highlighters

These are light-reflecting products which offer a dewy and bright look. Plus, they can also make your emphasize on your features and make them appear prominent. This way, you do not have to make extra efforts to show off your brows. Consider applying a little amount beneath the outward corner and near your eyes. This is the best way to achieve a clear and defined look without rushing to the salon for makeup.

4. Brush Them Often

Stroke them upwards diagonally towards your temple. It will help open up your eyes and make a big difference to the face. Further regular brushing can eliminate dead skin cells and enhance blood circulation in the area. This is the key technique to ensure hair growth. Do finish off by tapping and moisturizing the area well.

5. Protection and Care

Use eye creams and gels near the eyebrow to avoid wrinkles. Massage them gently on the skin around the brows in circular motions to slow down the signs of aging. Further, use a suitable SPF according to your skin type. This will keep the delicate eyebrow area from sunburns or tans. You can also use moisturizers to keep the part hydrated. Lastly, do read ‘how to use eyebrow trimmers’ to be able to shape them safely.

For truly perfect brows avoid using excessive makeup to fill the area. Be careful while using wax strips and trimmers. Lastly, avoid beauty treatments like tinting to keep them in pristine health.

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