3 Must-Include Ingredients in Your Hair Products

Your hair is literally your crowning glory. Thick, lustrous locks draw the attention like nothing can. On the contrary, limp and oily strands of hair tell their own story of ill health and lack of nutrition. Your hair often reveals the state of your mind and body, and it is often the first part of the body that doctors examine when they are looking for underlying medical conditions.

Hair fall, dandruff, limpness, oily scalp…all of these conditions point to a lack of hydration and absence of essential nutrients in the scalp. Most of them occur due to an increase in pathogens and bacterium on the scalp’s surface, which lead to weakness of the roots and eventual hair brittleness and breakage. Dubai’s harsh climate and hard water do not improve matters either. You might try to salvage your hair by buying hair care products in Dubai. But while most of them promise to restore your hair to its former glory, they often don’t work.

The reason? The main ingredients required to get the best results are missing from these shampoos, lotions, serums and oils. We present 3 must-have ingredients in the hair care products that you use:

#1 Piroctone Olamine: For dandruff-prone hair and scalp

Most dandruff shampoos sold OTC (Over The Counter) from major personal care brands in the region, feature Zinc Pyrithione as the primary dandruff-fighting ingredient. Zinc Pyrithione certainly shows efficiency in fighting the pathogens that cause seborhoiec dermatitis, or oily and itchy dandruff. However, while it shows good antibacterial properties, it may also be too harsh to use for those with sensitive skin or whose scalp has weakened hair roots. In recent years, another dandruff-fighting ingredient, Piroctone Olamine, has emerged as a good alternative to Zince Pyrithione – it is milder, exhibits no side effects in humans, and keeps dandruff flakes at bay for longer. Look for hair care products from Dubai’s leading skin care clinics that have formulated their own shampoos and lotions with Piroctone Olamine and Vitamin B5 as the primary ingredients. The shampoo can be used daily without hair becoming brittle and dry, and the scalp remains nourished and dandruff-free for longer.

#2 Hibiscus and herbal extracts: For nourishment and hydration

Strong, beautiful hair comes from a well-nourished scalp. However, the scalp is often subjected to poor nutrition, less hydration and stress from direct exposure to sunlight. Not washing the hair often enough, or not brushing gently, aggravate existing hair issues, leading to hair loss and breakage. If you suffer more than normal hair fall, it is time to provide essential nourishment to your scalp. Look for hair care products that feature herbal extracts from Hibiscus. The Hibiscus flower, stems and leaves have beneficial nutrients and enzymes that nourish and hydrate the roots, and protect the hair’s natural pigments. You may use lotions or shampoos with Hibiscus as the primary or complementary ingredient. Other herbal ingredients to look out for include Nardosrachys Jatamansi and Centella Asiatica, which offer vitamins, proteins and minerals to the hair roots and shafts.

#3 Keratin: For building hair strength

Keratin is the primary protein comprised in the hair follicles. It is the building block for hair, much like collagen is the building block for skin. Keratin must be present in adequate amounts for good hair health. However, several factors cause the proportion of keratin to be depleted, or the hair and is simply unable to produce as much of it as needed. You can supply this essential protein to your hair with a shampoo fortified with Keratin. Ask a reputed skin and hair care clinic in Dubai for their range of hair shampoos featuring keratin. Use as directed, and supplement the product by consuming nutritious food rich in protein (lean meat like chicken or turkey slices, egg whites, spinach, etc.)

Don’t forget to look for these super ingredients when you buy hair care products, and always buy the products from reputed hair care clinics in the city. We hope you are able to find the right product to solve your existing hair issues, and restore your hair to its former beauty and lustrous glory!

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