Register for Online Banking in Kuwait

Since the last few decades, several banks in the world have started emphasising on online banking. It has become a necessity as the fast-paced life doesn’t allow you to take care of most of the things practically. Earlier, checking the account balance or sending money to someone could only be done by visiting the branch physically. The use of internet has made it very convenient to perform all the tasks digitally, by sitting on the chair, in the possible minimum time frame. Several banks in the world provide the online services, and you must avail one, especially online banking in Kuwait if you are about to visit/reside in the country. But before using the service, you first need to register for online banking in Kuwait. Following is the registration process for online banking in Kuwait.

Once you visit the bank’s online banking page in Kuwait, you will need to log in using your debit card or with the proper username. If you don’t have the existing username, you can log in with your debit card. It allows you to avail the service up to six months after which you need to register your username on the bank’s website. The username and the password can be set as per your convenience.

To register the username, you need to perform the following task. You need to provide debit card number which is issued by your bank. On the other hand, you need to give the proof of residences such as the civil ID or passport. The one-time password will be sent to you over either the mobile number or the registered email address. The code received in the OTP has to be entered as it is in the field given on your screen. If the registration code is not received correctly, you can ask to resend the OTP.

Once the code is verified, you will have to provide your debit card pin followed by a screen where you can enter the new username and password for your online banking account. Most of the times, there are some rules to set the username such as it has to be alphanumeric, within 4 and 25 characters only, without spaces and special characters. Then the password can be set using the alphanumeric characters without spaces.

Once you accept the terms and conditions of the bank, you can proceed to use the online banking in Kuwait. For the first time, the bank may ask you a few security questions by answering which you can use the online banking in Kuwait efficiently. Once all the steps are done, you will receive an SMS from the bank confirming the successful registration for the online banking in Kuwait.

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