New Credit Card Users in UAE- Have You Got These Tips Yet?

New to using a credit card? There are some tips that nobody may have told you about till now! Most salaried and self employed professionals prefer to use credit cards in UAE for most travel, hospitality, food and beverage, groceries and other related spends. They prefer obtaining credit card rewards and other perks while enjoying hassle-free cash-less payment facilities at the same time. Have you just obtained a new credit card in UAE? You should know that this will not only help you ensure a better credit score and build a robust foundation for future credit alongside. You can combat all financial hurdles with your credit card while managing funds in a more efficient manner.

However, whenever you use credit cards in UAE as a beginner, there are some vital tips that you may not have come across yet. Even top credit cards will have added charges in the UAE along with credit-based responsibilities and rates of interest that you should be aware of. You should control overall spending and use your card wisely in order to maximize your benefits. You may use the new credit card for bill and utility payments, daily expenses, shopping, dining out, hotel bookings, repaying debts and more purposes. You should also pay outstanding amounts on time for avoiding charges for late payments.

On that note, here’s taking a look at some helpful tips if you’ve just got your credit card.

Tip 1- Activating the Credit Card- Before you use credit cards in UAE, you will have to active the same. The moment you get your card, you should activate it online if there is a provision. Some cards can also be activated at the ATM of the financial institution/bank in question. You should contact the customer support representative and ask for the procedure to activate the card. Upon activation, you can finally start paying for things with the card.

Tip 2- Keep a Hawk Eye on Due Dates and Billing Cycles- With usage of new credit cards, you should always know the generation date for bills. This will help you manage funds more efficiently. Ensure that you ask for the billing cycle and due dates for the payment.

Tip 3- Mind Your Annual Fee and Other Costs- This is one tip that is most important! Most credit cards in the UAE usually have lifetime free options while some may have annual fees. Check this out carefully along with other charges.

Tip 4- Have Automatic Payment Set Up- It is tough to remember the due date each month. Schedule payments automatically from your account, clearing dues in a timely manner and bypassing late payment charges. Always keep ample funds in the bank account prior to payments being scheduled.

Tip 5- Scrutinize Statements Regularly- Carefully track your monthly statements for analyzing your payments and expenditure patterns. This will help you find any possible discrepancies/errors and unauthorized charges adding to credit card bills.

Tip 6- List Out All Rewards- List out all major cashback, rewards and offers that you find from time to time. Check the available offers before you use credit cards in UAE.

These handy tips will help you use the card in a smarter manner. If you desire a lengthy list of benefits along with impeccable service, comparing multiple providers is very important. Here’s to a fulfilling journey with your new credit card!

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