How to get the right Car Loan in Kuwait

Small and compact automobiles, super-premium cars, SUVs, and MUVs are eligible for car loans. The interest rates and other parameters of each bank’s car loan programs vary, as do the maximum loan amount, the loan duration, the EMI, the processing fee, and the prepayment fee.

When obtaining a car loan, consumers may take advantage of several advantages, including preferential rates for returning customers, reduced paperwork, repayment alternatives, doorstep service, quick processing times, etc. Some lenders even give their loyal customers and those with solid credit scores preferential interest rates. If you qualify for a car loan, banks will offer you one.

A car loan in Kuwait is typically required when purchasing a vehicle. If you are in the market to buy a new car, you’ve likely spent a lot of time researching your options, but do you understand how auto loans function?

When you obtain a car loan from a bank, you receive your funds all at once and then repay them over time (plus interest). Your monthly payment will vary depending on how much you borrow, how long it takes you to pay it back, and the interest rate.

Why is a Car Loan Needed in Kuwait?

Here are a few reasons getting a car loan is a smart move:

  1. A car loan enables you to purchase a more luxurious, fuel-efficient, and powerful vehicle that may be slightly more expensive than anticipated.
  2. Obtaining a car loan might provide long-term advantages for establishing a solid credit history.
  3. You can utilize a vehicle loan to purchase both new and old autos.
  4. Competitive interest rates in the market.
  5. A more extended repayment period to reduce the number of monthly payments required.
  6. After deciding on the maximum loan amount, you can choose from various models.

What are the Common Terms of a Car Loan?

Vehicle Equity Loan

This type of credit, often called a title loan, exchanges your title for the equity you have on your car. When you repay a cash loan, the lender gives you back the keys to your car.

Payment by Balloon

A balloon payment lowers a car loan’s monthly payments but comes with a substantial after-term charge.


The option of reducing the interest rate on their car loan may be provided to consumers when they buy a new or used car.

Refund Cashback

A refinance loan enables you to draw on the value of your car as collateral to obtain cash while refinancing it.


A phrase that refers to your credit history can be used to assess your ability to repay a car loan.

Rate of Interest

The percentage that the bank will add to the principal amount, or the amount that must be repaid, is the interest rate.

One-time Payment

The down payment on an automobile contributes to the price. It usually accounts for 10% of a new car’s overall cost and 20% of a used car’s overall cost.

Finance Margin (MOF)

The financial institution’s loan amount is given as a portion of the value of the asset provided as security for the loan.

Loan Duration

The time needed to pay off the loan, whether in months or years.


A person who is required by law to repay your debt if you are unable to do so.


You must pay the amount to the bank each month to repay your loan.


By defaulting on the agreed-upon monthly payments, which happens most frequently, the borrower breaks the terms of the loan arrangement.

Required Documents for a Kuwait Car Loan

  • Application for a car loan that has been properly completed, signed, and includes photos
  • Documents proving “Know Your Customer.”
  • Passports, voter ID cards, driver’s licenses, PAN cards, Aadhar cards, and government department ID cards are acceptable forms of identification.
  • Income Proof: Most recent salary certificate and Form 16 with all deductions shown
  • A bank statement or bank passbook with transactions from the previous six months
  • Current house lease agreement, the most recent electricity bill, the most recent phone or mobile bill, the most recent credit card statement
  • Age verification: SSC, HSC, and degree course grades and certificates of completion (Optional)
  • Verification of Signatures (Optional)
  • Proof of Employment Stability (Optional)

Costs incorporated into a Kuwaiti car loan

  • Depending on the model, size, and loan length, the interest rate for new cars can be as low as 2.5 percent p.a.
  • RM10 in stamp duty.
  • No early settlement charge.
  • One percent of the sum of the past-due installments is the late penalty fee.

Requirements for applying for a car loan in Kuwait

To evaluate your eligibility for a new automobile loan, the bank or lender will typically need to look at the following:

  • History of your credit (based on a soft review of your credit report)
  • Your earnings
  • Your citizenship status and age
  • Other financial commitments, including regular payments
  • Your current job title


In contrast to new vehicle loans, used car loans are specifically created for people who want to borrow money to purchase a used car. Keep a close eye on the terms and conditions in addition to looking for a reasonable price because each financial institution will have its own ideal circumstances, some of which may have age restrictions on cars. The most important step, whether you are buying a new or used car, is to investigate and compare the most acceptable used car loans in Kuwait. NBK is the best platform for any loan. Every used car loan offers something unique, so take your time figuring out what you want before comparing interest rates, features, and fees to choose the one that works best for you.

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