How to Apply for IDFC Debit Card

We outline the steps involved in applying for and getting the IDFC debit card in this article.

Transacting digitally has become quite simple in today’s times. Leading Indian banks are offering a variety of online payment options to their customers. Of these, the most preferred one is the debit card.

The debit card is linked to your savings account and it only dispenses as much cash as there is available in your account at the time of spending. This way, it curbs any potential overspending – if the account balance is lower than the amount you are swiping the card for, the transaction is declined. Hence, debit cards keep your spending in check and allow you to spend only what you have.

Applying for a debit card is easy as well – here’s how you get one from a leading bank like IDFC Bank:

* Open a savings account with IDFC Bank. Most banks offer a debit card automatically when you open a savings account with them. It’s no different with IDFC Bank, but the key point to note is that you can open an IDFC Bank savings account entirely online. Before you apply for the debit card, do fill out a simple application form giving out a few details (city of residence, whether salaried/self-employed, full name, Aadhaar number/PAN, mobile number and email ID). After this, IDFC Bank sends you a detailed application form and the list of documents that you must attach with the application.

* Get the debit card you require. Once the savings account is opened and operational, IDFC Bank sends the welcome kit to your place of residence. The kit includes the debit card that is applicable to the savings account that you have opened. Once you key in the PIN provided (taking care to change it after your first transaction) you can start using the debit card for shopping, cash withdrawal, bill payment, etc.

* Apply for the debit card you want. IDFC Bank offers four types of debit cards – Visa Signature, Visa Platinum, Rupay Classic and Rupay Platinum. Each is offered based on whether the savings account qualifies for that card, or whether you applied for the same. The Visa Platinum debit card is more suited to professionals, while Rupay cards are useful for shopping, eating out, booking tickets, etc. with many offers and discounts. You can discuss your options with IDFC Bank and apply for the debit card that you want.

* Enjoy using your debit card. Now that you have your debit card in your hands, you can use it extensively for all your needs. From online shopping to swiping the card at a cash terminal in the store, and from booking movie and flight tickets to paying utility bills, your IDFC Bank debit card assists you every step of the way. Plus, there are regular offers on shopping and using the IDFC Bank debit card, which results in additional savings.

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