How can you apply for a credit card in Dubai?

Wishing to apply for credit cards in Dubai? You should check out the eligibility guidelines carefully for various kinds of credit cards which are popularly used by citizens of the Emirate. Suppose some cards will have eligibility guidelines where you will have to possess annual income of a minimum of AED 255,000 if employed. You can also get credit cards if you are self employed. Some cards insist on annual income of AED 275,000 as the minimum threshold. You should have been managing debt properly over the years and in case you are self employed, you should have been operational for more than 1 year at least as some cards will require you to. There are several eligibility aspects that other cards also have, i.e. your age. People who are 21 years of age or higher are usually eligible to apply.

Some cards require home addresses in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) while also having annual income of at least AED 180,000 (employed) or AED 275,000 (self-employed) as you will find. This is usually for cards a notch lower than the Platinum offerings from leading brands. There are several other kinds of cards which require home addresses in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Annual income thresholds alike, you should properly manage debt if you are to be eligible for getting your credit card. Hence, keeping an eye on your credit score is a must. Make sure that you have been employed (if salaried) for a minimum of two years.

You can use an online eligibility checker for finding the credit card which best suits your requirements to the hilt. You will have to enter your first and last name, date of birth, email address and also the benefits that you desire along with your monthly income for checking eligibility. You can get a credit card if you have at least AED 3000 in minimum savings as some companies will tell you and post completion of the applications for the credit card, you cannot withdraw this amount for a period of 45 days. If the application has been accepted, then the credit card will have a 95% limit for all savings in turn as per regulations at some institutions. This means that the credit limit will be AED 2850 for instance and the credit limit will depend on the savings certificate. There is no credit card offer available for someone with a salary of AED 2000 in the UAE as per reports. There is a waiting period before you finally get your credit card.

Applications are processed within 7 days in most cases although the card may arrive sometime later than the date given owing to courier related delays. Those looking for cards with salary of at least AED 3000 in UAE should approach financial institutions to see whether there are offers available for them. Those with minimum AED 5000 as salary will get credit cards smoothly. These are some things that you should always keep in mind while applying for credit cards in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

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