Duty-free American Express credit cards in Dubai- The lowdown

Have you been considering the widely known Dubai Duty Free American Express Card? You should know that this card brings with it a multitude of special offers and benefits in the bargain. The Dubai Duty Free American Express Card membership will give you several exclusive benefits, rewards and offers that help you tap into the best that Dubai has to offer for residents. The biggest benefits include 10% savings for purchases at Dubai Duty Free. You will also have an opportunity to win raffle entries every month into the Finest Surprise and Millennium Millionaire alike. You will also get access to several special and exclusive offers from American Express along with retail protection insurance where you can use the policy number AMEX 18.

The annual rate of interest is 39% while you can either pay in full or via installments by paying the annual fee of AED 175. For every AED 1,000 spent on your Dubai Duty Free American Express Card, you will get one entry into a draw for the opportunity to win a raffle ticket for the Millennium Millionaire. For every AED 500 that you are spending on your card, you will get an entry into the draw for an opportunity at winning Finest Surprise tickets where you can actually win a splendid luxury car.

The card is vital for peace of mind while you are traveling and shopping. This is because we safeguard you and your Supplementary card members with extensive global insurance policies. You will get retail protection insurance up to AED 1,500 along with emergency assistance linked to travel and also medical emergency support. You can readily submit your claims online and track the status of the same seamlessly minus any hassles. The policy number will be AMEX18. You can also expect a whole host of online services including registration for the Dubai Duty Free American Express Card account and other solutions including card activation, updating contact information, requesting for supplementary cards, setting alert preferences for emails and SMSes and referring friends for tapping into the American Express Card and earning bonus membership rewards points.

As a member of American Express cards, you will get more convenience of accessing your account with a single swipe courtesy the online American Express Middle East App. You only have to download this app to the iOS and Android device for managing account details, staying updated on the features and benefits and getting timely updates regarding new offers anywhere and at anytime as per your own convenience. You will get retail protection insurance for each occurrence of accidental damage and theft along with online fraud protection guarantee in tandem with innumerable global and local offers courtesy American Express and 24 hour customer service and support. You should be of 21 years of age or above along with possessing a UAE home address and annual income of a minimum of AED 180,000 (salaried) or AED 275,000 (self employed). You should not have any bad debt history as well and if you are self employed, you should have been working for 2+ years.

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