5 Most Essential Purchases To Make In Dubai This Year

Dubai is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations. You name it, it’s up for sale in the city. But this article is not a definitive ’20 things to buy in Dubai’ shopping list. Instead, we’re focussing on essentials that you need to lead a happy and secure life with your loved ones. This is what we came up with:

#1 A good credit card.

A credit card is a must if you live and work in Dubai. It helps you buy important things and keeps your streamlines your expenses. However, pick the best one like the Dubai Duty Free credit card offered by leading banks in the city. Those who call Dubai home will benefit from the Duty Free credit card’s benefits, from 10% discounts at Dubai duty free stores, to retail protection insurance up to AED 1,500. This card also offers online fraud protection guarantee, so your money remains safe.

#2 Central AC system for the house.

The summer season blazes its way across the country, and this is the best time to get the house centrally air-conditioned. There’s no point putting this off any more: global warming has skewed climate patterns, so you can expect extended days of high heat and humidity, even during other parts of the year. Too much heat is bad for the system, and young children, senior citizens and the infirm can suffer tremendously because of it. Live with your loved ones in comfort with a good AC system at home.

#3 A new family car.

Though the Coronavirus pandemic is largely under control in the UAE, the threat is by no means gone. It continues to rage all over the world, and every person must do everything they can to avoid getting it. Protect your loved ones by buying a large new family vehicle this year. Instead of upgrading your old one, get a new car (there have been several new releases already, with several more in the offing) with added safety features, more boot space and more seating. The Government has continued with its online registration service, so booking the car safely is not an issue.

#4 Life insurance.

Your income pays for household expenses, short term goals like vacations, children’s education, and even medical costs when necessary. Now imagine if you are absent in the future. Will your family be able to sustain its current standard of living and achieve its dreams with your income gone? Unless you have created a huge savings fund that will pay for their future comfortably, it is time to invest in an instrument that protects them – such as life insurance. Browse through the plans of leading providers in the UAE before selecting the right one for yourself.

#5 An exercise membership.

Good health is the gateway to a long and peaceful life. All the wealth in the world will come to nought if your health is poor. Ill health not only curtails your daily activities, but also curbs your quality time with family. This year, buy yourself a membership to a good health club to lose excess weight, tone your joints and muscles, and get niggling health issues out of the way. Try swimming, jogging or cycling to work up a sweat and burn calories, and weight training to gain muscle strength and tone. Also pay attention to what you eat – your diet must complement your health goals and workouts. Your life is truly enriched with the right planning and using the correct tools to reach all your goals, whether financial or health-related.

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