Understanding web check-in for domestic travel

The long queue at the check-in counter is quite stressful, isn’t it? One must try to avoid long queues, especially during a pandemic. Also, most major airlines have now made it mandatory to have their check-in done well before time. It saves both the passengers and the airlines a lot of hassle.

What is online web check-in?

The process of web check-in can be done anytime between 60 minutes and 48 hours prior to departure time for domestic and 96 hours prior for international. One can do web check-in by opening the website, followed by entering their booking number and name. After this, the airline allows the passenger to choose a seat, opt for additional baggage or upgrade if applicable.

Once you’re done with the process, you can get a print out of the boarding pass, or keep a copy of it on your email for reference.

Benefits of online check-in

  • There’s no need to stand in the queue of the flight check-in counter.
  • You get to choose your own seat.
  • You can book special services and meals
  • You enjoy lower baggage fee through online flight check-in as compared to the baggage check-in charges at the airport.
  • Your seat is reserved even though you may be running short on time
  • It is generally safer given the current social distancing cues

How to select your preferred seat from web check-in?

Once you are on the airline’s website after you have booked your ticket, if you click on the ticket, the page will take you to the seat map. This map will display the seats that are reserved, are unavailable and the vacant seats. You can choose your preferred seats from the available vacant ones. You simply have to click on the one you like, pay for it if necessary and you are done.

Post web check-in: Things to remember

Even though you have completed web check-in, it is recommended to reach the airport on time. Passengers are also advised to read the details on their boarding pass received via email carefully. This enables you to have a complete understanding of your airline’s rules and regulations. This will even help you know about the boarding procedure.

In case there’s a need for you to drop the baggage, you should reach the airport two hours prior to the departure timings. For people who do not have any baggage to check-in, you can reach the airport one and a half hours prior to the departure timing.

With the world trying to adjust itself to the “new normal”; web check-in comes as one of the most important steps taken by airlines to ensure the safety of their passengers. Online check-in can reap all the benefits to make your flight comfortable and ease your mind before the jet set. This service is offered by all the major airlines today. So, why give a second thought? Travel safe!

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