How To Give Your House A Makeover

With these simple tips you can – create a theme for your home, make your home look more modern, make your rooms look bigger and make your living room open for more conversations.

1. Let your front door set the tone

The first thing your visitors will notice is your front door. Let it set the theme of your house. If you want to set a warm and inviting tone, paint your door red, orange or yellow. If you want to set a relaxed tone use blue hues. Your house may have a screen door. Switch the outdated door with a glass-paneled storm door.

2.  Let the light in

No one wants to hang around a dark & dingy room. If your heavy dark curtains are the culprits for this, it’s time to give your home furnishing a facelift. In this case, one of the most important home furnishing products are light semi-transparent drapes. They brighten up the rooms and even your guests’ moods.

3. Use these tricks to make your house look bigger

If your apartment lacks size, don’t worry, there are a few ways to make your cozy home more grand. Install a mirror in every room. Mirrors bring an illusion of depth, making the room bigger than it really is. They can also make a space feel brighter as they bounce the light around the room. Place mirrors on the wall next to the window for best results.

Low ceilings? No problem. Paint them white to make the room feel less claustrophobic. Altering your home furnishing can help too. Hang your curtains way above your windows, as it will make your ceiling look taller.

4. Alter the seating arrangement

Most homes will have great home furnishing products, but they won’t be set up properly. For example- some living rooms may have bad sofa arrangement. Their sofas may be misaligned. All Sofas should be pointed towards each other, so everyone can be included in a conversation.

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