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Weight loss shakes and smoothies for weight loss have been around for a while but I never heard of a company that will send you free product for referring other customers to them until ViSalus came around and introduced the 90-day challenge. Not only can you get the product for free and have a chance to win cash and prizes but promote the 90 day challenge and you could earn a nice part time income. You could get started promoting the challenge for as little as $49.

What makes the ViSalus shakes different? First they taste pretty darn good, most people will agree that it is one of the best tasting diet or healthy drinks they have ever had. The shakes have less sugar than other brands.

Here are some Numbers for you to crunch, These are the number that signed up for the 90 day challenge….JIM

Jan 14439
feb 18019
mar 25816
apr 32030
may 36616
jun 41551
jul 49515
aug 67147
sep 81147
oct 89919
nov 92616
dec 97359
Jan 105,866
Feb 113,604
Mar 158,734
Apr 163,176
Do you think this thing is growing?

This is pretty simple it’s a weight loss and fitness challenge that you do for 90 days and it doesn’t require any working out or calorie counting or point system, pre-packaged foods, it’s a meal replacement protein shake that taste like cake mix. This is so simple and easy just replace one or two meals a day with this delicious and nutrition packed protein shake.

Join body by Vi
Join the challenge and save money Just take the money that you are already spending on food and put it towards the purchase of the shake mix, the shakes are less than $2 per serving, Get three others to join you on the challenge and you next shipment of shake powder is free!

It’s easy to get started just choose one of the Body by Vi Challenge Kits (Starting At $49) that best suits your fitness goals Each kit starts with the Vi-Shape meal replacement shake designed to give you nutrients and vitamins for healthy living. The Vi-shake has protein, fiber, pre bio tics (enzymes that break down the food in the digestive system), 23 vitamins and minerals, antioxidant’s, and it burns fat while building lean muscle!

Balance Kit – Great for maintaining current weight and adding balanced nutrition to your diet. Includes enough powder to make 30 protein shakes. $49.00

Shape Kit – Replace two meals a day for accelerated weight loss results. Includes powder to make 60 shakes you can replace two meals a day. $99.00

Core Kit – Get energized with total nutrition. This kit is ideal for athletes or those that want to continue to tone and have optimal wellness. Include 30 meals, healthy energy products and the Vi-Pack. The Vi-Pack is an amazing product that contains a patented anti-aging and energy supplement, an antioxidant, an omega and a vitamin and mineral. $199.00

Transformation Kit – Maximum weight loss results. Includes 60 meals, metabolism booster and fat burner, appetite control, essential oils, and healthy energy products. $249.00


To your health……….Jim Mead