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I felt a need to share this story – I call it the “Jim Rohn Story” which recently was in my Inbox! I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Thomas Wehle

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”
— Jim Rohn: was an American entrepreneur, author
and motivational speaker

The telephone rang. J.R. answered.
“Hello, is J.R. available?”
“Mr. R., we’ve got a project for you. We’re ready to expand internationally and we need some help.”
“I’m not interested. I’m semi-retired – you know, looking for the next exotic beach.”
“We’ll make it worth your while Mr. R. We’ll add millions to your fortune.”
“OK, I’m listening.”
It was a call that was worth millions. And it happened to Jim Rohn. His first thought afterwards was, “Isn’t it interesting that they called me?” His second thought was, “Of course they’d call me. Who else would they call? I can get the job done.” And he did.
What does this telephone call have to do with you? More than you may realize.
You see, Jim Rohn was not extraordinary at all – he was a very ordinary man. He was raised in obscurity on a farm in Idaho. He went to college for one year before dropping out because he thought he was “smart enough.” He married soon afterwards and started a family. And he was a hard worker.
But it didn’t do him any good. Even though he worked hard at his job, he couldn’t pay his bills. Creditors started calling, and he didn’t know what he was going to do about it …
Yet this same man years later would receive a telephone call worth millions of dollars.
Jim Rohn was average in every way. His background was average. His grades were average. He didn’t stay in school. He married at the average age, and he worked at an average job. And he had a hard time making ends meet. In fact, once he became physically ill for two days because he lost a $10 bill.
A measly $10!
I’ll talk more about him in a minute, but first ask yourself:
How does your background compare with Jim’s? He wasn’t born with any natural advantages – were you? He didn’t possess any remarkable talents – do you? And he certainly didn’t make a lot of money.
I don’t know about you, but I’m very curious how this “Average Joe” could find himself in a position years later in which a company calls him up on the phone and offers him millions of dollars for his assistance. It just doesn’t seem to add up.
My thought is, if I can find a way to connect the missing pieces so it does add up, then perhaps I can make it clear to you how deceptively easy it is to set yourself up to receive your own million-dollar phone call. I personally have received one. And I hope to receive more.
But I don’t want to get too far off-track.
How an average guy with no special skills or talent turned himself into a multimillionaire …
So there Jim was, working his tail off and not getting anywhere. He soon realized it was going to take more than hard work to improve his situation. After all, he had a family to support.
The thought occurred to him that he should go back to school. One year of college didn’t look so good on an application. But with his family starting, going back to school was a tough decision.
“Maybe I should start my own business,” he thought. But he didn’t have any money to do that.
Money was his major problem. He always had too much month left at the end of the money – don’t know if you have ever been in that position …
So that’s where Jim was at age 25 – behind on his dreams and constantly wondering what he could possibly do to change his life for the better.
Well, at age 25, good fortune came his way. He met a mentor named Earl Shoaff, who was a unique and very successful man. Shoaff was the man who told Jim Rohn the secret I mentioned at the start of this email – the same secret that transformed Jim’s life forever and set him up to receive a telephone call worth millions. It’s the secret that can do the same for you.
Earl Shoaff took a liking to Jim, and a few months after they met, he hired him to work in one of his companies. Jim spent the next five years working for Shoaff in several of his businesses, and then, unfortunately, Shoaff died.
And the best thing Jim Rohn took away from those five years was not a job. The best thing Shoaff gave him was the benefit of his thinking – the fundamentals of living successfully – how to be wealthy and how to be happy.
There was one thing Shoaff taught him that had particular impact. In fact, it transformed Jim Rohn’s life and made him a rich man.
Early in their relationship, Shoaff said, “Here’s the secret to becoming worth millions …” And then, he told him what that secret was.
“If you do what most people will tell you to do, you’ll make a living,” he said. “But if you follow this secret instead, you’ll make a fortune.” Once Jim got that, it turned his life around.
Now, if you would have known Jim Rohn at age 25, you would have said, “Jim’s a hard worker.” He was a guy who didn’t mind coming in a little bit early, staying a little bit late. He didn’t mind that. He was a hard worker.
So how come he had pennies in his pocket and nothing in the bank? Why was he behind on his promises? Because he wasn’t following the secret yet.
If you had asked him back then why he was having such a hard time, Jim would have said it was the economy. Taxes were too high. It was traffic. It was the weather. It was circumstances – after all, he was raised in obscurity on a farm and his parents didn’t have money. And his number one reason was the company he worked for. It was the company’s fault he was not doing better because when they pay so little how could they expect him to do well?
Earl Shoaff taught him to look at the situation differently when he told him the secret.
“What exactly does that mean, Mr. Shoaff?” Jim was full of questions. Shoaff patiently explained to him exactly what he meant in detail. And here’s what happened:
At age 25, Jim Rohn was broke. By age 31, he was a millionaire. How about that?
What happened? Jim had started working at age 19, and at the end of the first six years of his economic life, he had pennies in his pocket and nothing in the bank. Creditors were calling him saying, “Hey, you called us and told us the check was in the mail!” He was behind on his promises.
But at the end of the second six years of his economic life he was a millionaire.
Strangely enough, the government was about the same. The economy was about the same. His negative relatives were about the same. Taxes were about the same. Prices were about the same. Circumstances were about the same, and everything else was about the same.
Then how come he got rich? How come he totally changed his life?
Jim Rohn was not the same. He was the one who changed. And that made all the difference.
You may be thinking, “Well, what did he work on to accomplish all that?”
Good question. In fact, that’s exactly why I’m writing you today.
You see, Jim Rohn was as astonished at his sudden change of fortune as everyone else. He knew why he had changed. He knew what caused it, because Earl Shoaff had taught it to him. But he was blown away by the incredible impact of Shoaff’s teachings. He was astounded as he saw himself transformed from penniless to a millionaire in only six short years.
Can you imagine becoming a millionaire in such a short amount of time?
Jim Rohn realized how lucky he was to have a mentor who gave him such powerful knowledge. He also realized that many people are not as lucky. Many go through life without ever having any mentor, much less one who could make them a millionaire in only six years.
And that’s why Jim realized he needed to share the secrets Earl Shoaff had taught him. So at every opportunity, he began sharing the ideas that had transformed his life.
Of course, he started small, with just his closest business associates. The results were as exciting for them as they were for Jim. It became quite clear to him in a short time that the more he gave, the more he received.
You already know Jim Rohn is one of the most popular and most well-respected speakers in the field. What’s best about him is that he never set out to be a speaker. He carved his success in the real world before he ever said a word to anybody. In my opinion, that gives him a lot of extra credibility.
One other thing about Jim Rohn you should know – he doesn’t believe in motivational “rah rah.” Instead, he’s all about the simple, practical things you can do on a daily basis to transform your life.
Earl Shoaff was a businessman. Jim Rohn was a businessman. Efficiency is at a premium in the business world. You want to get the strongest possible results in the shortest amount of time.
The secrets of Earl Shoaff took Jim Rohn from a “nothing-aire” to a millionaire in only six years. How’s that for effective? How’s that for efficient?
And you will find a powerful collection of those same secrets in Jim’s audio program, entitled The Art of Exceptional Living. The core of this program is centered around the secret that set Jim Rohn up to receive the telephone call worth millions.
But clearly, there are ways of working on yourself that are more effective than others. In the spirit of Earl Shoaff, The Art of Exceptional Living separates the wheat from the chaff, and it gives you only the most powerful ideas that will generate the strongest results for you in the shortest time possible.
It’s like having your own multimillionaire mentor take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to follow in his footsteps.
Follow the guidance the program offers, and you will walk a new path that will end with your receiving your own million-dollar phone call.
Here’s some of what you’ll learn when you listen:
• How a single word, when applied correctly, functions like a set of magic keys that unlocks all the doors of wealth, happiness, sophistication, culture, high self-esteem, pride, joy, accomplishment, satisfaction, and success.
• How to open the doors to receiving more of the wealth the world has to offer, and the one thing you must avoid in order to prevent those doors from closing.
• How to build the strongest possible foundation for achievement, productivity, and the lifestyle you dream of having. Once the foundation is set, you’ll weather any storm.
• Why success doesn’t have any mysteries or exotic answers, but is a very basic process anyone can achieve.
• Why focusing on only a half-dozen things can make 80 percent of the difference in your performance.
• The bridge between thought and accomplishment, inspiration and achievement, necessity and productivity. Anyone can have a good idea. But in order to reap the benefits of that idea, you must find a way to connect it to a practical application. This bridge is the key to executing your ideas so they work for you.
• And much more!
The knowledge you’ll gain from this program is staggering – not because it’s so complex, but because of the incredible impact a few simple actions can have on your life when you do them.
Imagine how terrible it would be to wind up at the end of your life and find out you only lived one-tenth of it, and the other nine-tenths went down the drain. If this happens to anyone in this country, it’s not from a lack of opportunity; it’s from a lack of information.
The Art of Exceptional Living will give you the information you need to take advantage of the abundant opportunities that surround you. Trust me, the opportunities are there. Once you learn from the program, you will find out how to spot them.
Once you make the decision to go forward, you will be on the same path Jim Rohn started on when he was 25. And if you apply yourself to learning and acting on the secrets the program reveals, your life can be transformed as Jim Rohn’s was (he went from broke to a millionaire in six short years – remember?).
And then, once you’ve used the program to achieve your dreams, you just may find yourself enjoying your prosperity. As you sit there basking in the light of your success, suddenly the phone will ring. And your million-dollar phone call will have arrived.
Is it worth investigating? If what I’ve said is true, it’s absolutely worth it, isn’t it? And I’ll stake the reputation of my company on the truth of what I’ve said.

P.S. Commit yourself to yourself. The results will be well worth it, I promise.
“Jim Rohn is the most powerful results-oriented leader and speaker of our time.” – Earl Nightingale
“Jim Rohn, my first personal development teacher, always taught me that if you have enough reasons, you can do anything. Reasons are the difference between being interested versus being committed to accomplish something.” – Anthony Robbins
“Jim Rohn is outstanding! He is among the most polished, professional speakers in America, with a message everyone should hear.” – Brian Tracy
… and the impression he has made on high achievers from some of today’s top industries:
“Rohn has that rare ability to inspire people to set meaningful objectives for themselves.” – J.A. Hazlett, Marketing Director, Mobil Oil of New Zealand
“James Rohn’s presentation to our dealers and company people was outstanding. Every single person attending was motivated to action.” – Standard Oil
“Jim Rohn’s ideas and imaginative concepts for living and achieving are to-the-point, and better than that-they work.” – John Seymour, U.S. Senator

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