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Understanding the personal growth curve

Personal growth comes in many forms in business. It mostly comes from believing in yourself and gaining confidence in your abilities. Sometimes, it takes form through developing a belief in whatever business you are in.

Once you become an entrepreneur, you soon realize that your strengths, weaknesses, skills, fears, limitations — are directly connected to the growth of your business.

First things first, figure out what area of your life needs the most work and has been holding you back. Ask a mentor or someone you look up to, in business, to recommend some personal development books or an audio series.

Once you’ve found the type of personal development that best suits your learning style, then you can begin to improve in that particular area of your life. If it’s low self confidence holding you back, then consider yourself lucky! There are literally hundreds of self help books and personal development programs out there to help you raise your confidence. Ultimately, there is a book out there for any problem you have.

Secondly, always stay focused on the most important tasks that need to get done because entrepreneurs multi-task daily. It’s easy to get side tracked by spending time on non business related tasks or activities that inherently will take you to the next level. Create a weekly schedule (I make up my schedule on Sunday’s) to decide what is the most important tasks are on a daily basis. Start with these tasks and move on to the next until the tasks get done.

Decide what your business hours are going to be and stick to them. If you work full time and have a part time business, you may frequently find yourself overworked, especially if you are a home based entrepreneur working from your house. Remember that there is life after work and if you don’t have a life, get one! If you find it necessary to put in extra work, reward yourself (a massage, a day-off, dinner, night out, etc.)

Last but not least, Believe in YOU! Growth only happens when you are moving forward. YOU are the greatest asset your business has. And, YOU control YOU. Decide to be the type of person whom others are attracted to and want to work with. Make the decision to be the best you can be each day in your business and decide that each day you’ll get better and better. Understand that even surpassing your highest income level is a form of growth. Whatever your challenges, go with the flow and allow the process to unfold. Believe that if it happened for one person, it can happen for you, too.