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A written Health and Safety Policy is required for any business that has five or more employees and it describes how you will manage Health and Safety in the business. This document lets your staff and others know of your committment to Health and Safety.This policy document tells everybody in the business who is responsible for what, when it has to be done and how it is done.

A written health and safety policy does not have to be complicated and can be prepared quite quickly following simple guidelines, but it must contain the necessary information to meet the legislation.

The policy is made up of three elements as set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act, namely
– general statement of intent
– organisation
– arrangements

The GENERAL STATEMENT OF INTENT is the section where the company makes its committment to health and safety and says who is ultimately responsible in the business for health and safety matters. This is usually a senior director of the company as they will have the necessary power to act without having to get further permissions.

ORGANISATION lists people who have a responsibility for one or more areas of health and safety and who they report to in the company on their health and safety matters

ARRANGEMENTS lists what needs to be done to comply with legislation in order to ensure that staff are not injured at work. This is further broken down into three areas.
– legal requirements
– hazards and risks
– control methods

Under these three generic areas, the regulations that impact on your business are listed, the hazards and injuries that could result from these hazards and finally the steps you will be taking to make your business safe are written down and are available to all staff.

Any Health and Safety Policy document on its own though will not ensure that the business is meeting its requirements under the current legislation. The policy is only effective if the managers and staff follow the guidelines set out in the document and that regular reviews are carried out.

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