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I’ve just been getting involved with network marketing and there is so much to learn! I have viewed all sorts of ads as I first signed up with Clixsense and as you click and view you see all types of ads. It was very time consuming for the pennies I earned but I found a few business ideas along the way that I thought worth checking out. I hope this research might help someone else looking at a home-based business.

As I was taking baby steps into my home-based business; I was lucky to meet a woman at a conference in Colorado. We stayed in email contact and in one email she asked if I was open to new income opportunities. I innocently said yes and she introduced me to two online ventures that are proving to be profitable. Talk Fusion is a make money instantly when someone signs up for the product or to be an affiliate. The second venture was ZeekRewards and has turned out to be my favorite

For anyone who hasn’t or anyone who has heard of Talk Fusion or ZeekRewards; you can see how they have been topping the MLM Business Charts for months now.

I went to Business From Home Website – Direct Selling Facts and Figures and MLM News. . If you haven’t heard they rank the top Earning Online Home Businesses!

This is how Business From Home rank their Top Earners…
A fair number of Top Earners send us their income statements (1099) or commission copies /screen shots from Back Offices.
We rank based on the following information:
§ Earning disclosures from companies
§ Information given to the field on conventions
§ Pictures of bonus checks
§ Information from Uplines, Down-lines, Crosslines
§ 1099 (USA) or tax reports
§ Size of the company, compensation plan, compression etc.

I just went back to May 17, 2011 to begin my search for the top Direct Selling Companies. As you will see Talk Fusion was ranked #1 even above Avon and Amway. (Make sure to scroll down the page for the full list)

Remember ZeekRewards didn’t open their door until August 2011

May to August 2011, Talk Fusion stayed in the Number 1 or 2 until ZeekRewards came on the scene and showed up in #3 spot in the rankings.

November 2011 Talk Fusion was Number 1 and ZeekRewards hot on their tail at Number 2

December 2011 ZeekRewards overtook the #1 spot from Talk Fusion with 134% growth ahead of Oriflame, Avon and Stiforp

January 2012 ZeekRewards was again in # 1 ranked with an even larger 172% growth, with Talk Fusion in #2 spot .

February 2012 same story again with ZeekRewards in the top ranked position and another staggering 179% growth and Talk Fusion ranked #2 again.

March 2012 ZeekRewards and Talk Fusion are Number 1 and 2 again with ZeekRewards ranking in with another 173% growth. This company is growing at a phenomenal rate as an income-producing venture.

Both these Powerhouse Companies have excellent products and care about their affiliates and supply them with great compensation packages along with the tools and training to help them achieve their goals of having home based businesses with companies they can be proud to be associated with.

I know personally as I am an affiliate for both companies. I would invite you to see how you are doing with your current venture and then take a look at the opportunities that Zeek Rewards and/or Talk Fusion might afford you.

I thought you might like to also see Alexa’s current ranking showing is ranked #456 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings.

And is ranked #1785 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings.

So if you are still looking for an online business that you can have Fun Working and Know that it is in Full Growth Mode I’ve attached links for you to educate yourself and see for yourself if you’d like to know more.


Talk Fusion

Thanx for taking the time to read….I hope this is informative and gives you a bit more information about a couple of companies working well with their affiliates.
Robin Rigoli

PS. Just as I was getting ready to post this blog an associate texted me about another MLM ranking site that puts ZeekRewards at #11 on the MLM Top Gainers List.