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*As of this writing it has been almost 4 weeks & I am here to say that Twitter marketing has changed the way I approach affiliate marketing! The results I am seeing have been nothing short of astounding! I am tweaking my campaigns daily & am now running a “well oiled machine” of a marketing business. I am running 5 different programs with it with positive results across the board & am building quite a nice “list”! And you know the saying, “the money is in the list” so I can’t wait to “exploit” my list!
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Let me start by saying that until recently I had completely overlooked Twitter as a platform for my ad campaigns. In my short affiliate marketing career I have signed up with dozens of CPA affiliate marketing companies, slinging all sorts of wares from Power Wheelchairs and Incontinence supplies to Mail Order Ink refills and everything in between! Along the way I have stumbled across a few systems that are working for me now, but they all rely on driving targeted traffic to my site and how I did that on a shoestring as a struggling affiliate marketer is by posting ads on free classified ad sites. Now talk about boring and time consuming! Don’t get me wrong, posting affiliate “links” works, absolutely, but again it is booorrring and tedious.
Just recently I came across an Amazing software designed to virally enable Twitter to get your affiliate links or whatever you “hustle” seen by a targeted audience. The software I speak of is TweetAdder. It completely automates your ad campaigns. It’s literally like having your own personal assistant working for you 23/7/356! It is sooo easy to set up and is running within minutes of downloading. I can’t say enough about it so whether you are selling Benze’s or Incontinence supplies like I was you can get your business opportunity in front of a targeted audience with TweetAdder in minutes. Please visit my site and check out the software then leave a comment.
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