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Every day on the news is about where are the jobs how much the job growth has happen or hasn’t happened in the last month. Our economy is in the middle of a growth spurt. Despite on what happen with the crash in 2008 and in the las quarter of 2001 our gros domestic product have increased every yr since the turn of this century. We hear all the best jobs have moved over seas with China merging has the super power of the world. And all of our IT jobs have move over to Singapore and India.

The growing unemployment rat is going to increase. Why is the question and heres why. Americas is still leader in emerging industries. Every Time a job is sent over seas they do this for one thing is to increas profit. The added profits dont go over seas they stay here in the United States, where they create more buying power. What most people faile to understand is that Though unemployment is painful it is the sign that the economy is growing. The disengaging of the work force from less productive business’s is to be retrianed the work force for newer and more productive ones. Jus As in the Twentieth Century millions of workers left the farms for factories, and later left the factories for new retail industries. With the rate of how fast technology is emerging these industries and people and economies will prosper. Were seeing that the greatest growth in the economy were entering has come with these new emerging industries including the internet and social media and the burgeoning wellness industry, intellectual distribution and direct selling.

The disparity during this peroid wont be between America and Aisa or certain groups and others so much as it well be between those who involve themselves in the new and emerging gorwth industries and thsoe who do not. Since about 2002 the Wellness industry has grwon to about a $500 Billion industry these are the emerging in industry to date as of preditions 2012 its a trillion dolloar industry.

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