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How Do You Choose When They Are All Alike? By Don Sabelhaus

I was reading my friend Steve Robison’s blog today and it inspired me to write this article. How do you choose when they are all alike? Most of the MLM companies today offer what I call “me too” sites, you know, they all look alike, only the faces and names change, I have one myself with my product.

In my tiny little town, we have four gas stations, one independent, and three name brand. The price is the same at all four, smells fishy to me but that is a story for another time, so when I need fuel I either go north or south to the next town because it is always cheaper.

If I were to buy my fuel in town, what would make me choose one vendor over the other, unless I was silly enough to believe one brand of gasoline was better than the other was?

At one time, every morning I would buy a cup of coffee as I went to work in my garden and I always went out of my way to purchase it at a specific station, there were stations closer, the coffee tasted as good, and it was cheaper by a few cents to boot. However, I always choose that one specific station because I liked the person that had that shift, it was a cheerful outgoing type of person, and we exchanged a few words every time I stopped in.

The point I am making with all of this is personal relationships make the difference when everything else is alike.


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