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ZeekRewards is the marketing arm of the Zeekler penny auction site and network marketing opportunity. Created by the Rex Group and Paul Burk, here some details about how the opportunity works for affiliates that decide to join.

For over a year the new marketing opportunity of ZeekRewards has been growing strong and not only with new affiliate members, but with auction enthusiast and customers winning all sorts of products through the Zeekler penny auction sites.

When researching th company, Rex Group, LLC and Paul Burke I was unable to find any issues with ZeekRewards. If you follow the rules here and spend a few minutes a day on your marketing, one simple text ad, you are almost guaranteed to succeed here.

The Zeekler penny auction site provide a very unique online shopping experience for the bidder and have been giving people some of the best deals online for the past two years.

The Opportunity

This particular opportunity is based within the network marketing industry for participating affiliate marketers who are compensated for two things, giving away VIP bid packs to new customers and for advertising the Zeekler penny auction sites.

There is also additional benefits for sharing this and having other customers become part of your marketing team also.

The compensation structure for this part of the plan itself is based on a 2×5 forced matrix commission structure. This portion of the comp plan is based on recruiting new affiliates but is not a requirement to be paid by ZeekRewards. Recruiting individuals is optional and allows active marketing members to create some additional income through a monthly override plus any and all commissions earned from VIP Bid pack purchases of new members and customers of the auction site.

The primary portion of income is generated by the members that do just two things. to qualify for the profit sharing aspect of the opportunity requires a few simple steps. These steps are simple to learn and follow to include yourself in the profit sharing pool:

Copy and Paste and place an ad a day provided by ZeekRewards (No Craiglist!)
Purchase VIP Bid Packs minimum of $10 and give away bids each day to new members and customers!

This is an opportunity based on the profits of the entire company each day earned through the Zeekler penny auction sites. Instead of the company spending money on advertising, they reward their affiliates to do it for them.

This is a great way for them to save on advertising by allowing members to do it. Why spend millions advertising Zeekler when you can have a large army of affiliates do it for you and compensate them through a daily profit sharing pool that all qualified affiliates participate in.

How To Start

When becoming a member of the ZeekRewards opportunity, all members will now be required to go through a compliance training. This training is inexpensive and not very long and is for the sole purpose that all affiliates are held accountable to the same guidelines and practices.

To be an actual member and participant in daily rewards the individual will need to sign up through one of three qualifying pay levels: Silver, Gold or Diamond membership. Each level will place you and those you eventually introduce to the opportunity into the 2×5 matrix pay plan and through the act of giving away the bids you purchase (which can be automated and done by the company for a nominal fee) and posting one single ad each day will qualify you for daily profit sharing pool and any and all overrides and commissions.

ZeekRewards is a real and legitimate opportunity and actually is a great secondary source, feeder opportunity or passive income stream for the new marketer or the seasoned professional. By promoting the Zeekler penny auction site, online store and network marketing opportunity there is serious profit potential for anyone interested in making money on or off line in network marketing. There are requirements here to build any kind of financial success, but the requirements are simple in nature that just about anyone can perform and learn in about the first 24 hours or so after joining.

I wholeheartedly suggest taking a serious look at ZeekRewards as a viable option to creating wealth in 2012.

Legal Disclaimer:

“If you make a purchase from ZeekRewards you are purchasing a Premium eCommerce subscription or you are purchasing bids to give away as samples. You are NOT purchasing stock or any other form of “investment” or equity. You MUST actually use the bids that you purchase or give them away as samples to help grow your business. Affiliates who present our products to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she is making an investment or purchasing equities will be terminated and all commissions and awards will be forfeited. Buyers MUST read the entire How It Works and Get Paid pages on the ZeekRewards website and the Legal Disclaimers.”

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