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Company:  Discovery Toys
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When you begin your holiday shopping, stop and consider where you want your money to go. Malls and other mass retailers are very popular for holiday shopping, but do not forget about your local direct sales home businesses. There are 3 reasons why you should shop direct sales this year:

1. Superb Customer Service

As any direct sales associate will tell you, the number one priority is always customer service. Your consultant is always one phone call or e-mail away if you have any problems with your order or products. In the case of Discovery Toys, your consultant is the only one who can order replacement parts for you if you have lost pieces to a toy, and the only one who can order a new toy if you have a broken one. This business is built on relationships, so each consultant has your best interests at heart.

2. Fantastic Hostess Benefits

One of the biggest attractions for people to host a party in their home is the hostess benefits that come with shopping direct sales. No direct sales company could survive without this important aspect. Discovery Toys has a fantastic hostess benefit program, with different specials each month. Their hostesses earn tons of free toys, and if there are other parties booked off hers, she can purchase half-price toys. You can get all your toy shopping done for the holidays for FREE!

3. Beat the Crowds

Instead of fighting the big, greedy crowds, especially during shopping times such as Black Friday, shop from the comfort of your home. Invite a few friends and family members over for a relaxing evening with a few refreshments, and let them shop at their leisure, while you rack up the hostess benefits. It will be a fun evening for everyone and everyone usually goes home smiling!

So when you are planning your shopping lists this holiday season, remember to look up the direct sales associates in your area. They are ready and waiting to serve you.