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Company:  One24
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Have you heard the breaking news? One24 has gone and done something that no other company is doing. How would you like to get a chance EVERY MONTH to WIN $25,000.00 in CASH for doing practically NOTHING!

I say practically nothing because there are a couple of steps but they are FREE and will only cost you a couple minutes of your time and nothing else. Here’s how it works.

Every month, One24 is having a sweepstakes where they will award ONE lucky winner a CASH prize of $25,000.00 dollars. All you have to do to qualify is:

: Go to:
: Opt in (Fill in the form to the right of the video)
: Watch our 4 step presentation
: Click on the tab that says PUT ME ON THE WAITING LIST.

No I know you’re probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true and you’re probably asking yourself “what’s the catch?”

Well, the ONLY “catch” (if you can call it that) is that you have to move FAST because I am only allowed to give away 10 spots on my waiting list per month. In other words, the FIRST 10 PEOPLE THAT GET ON MY WAITING LIST in any given month with be the ones that are eligible to WIN the $25,000.00 Cash Prize! If you wait and you are number 11…15..26 or after then you are out of the running for that month’s sweepstakes and you will have to WAIT until NEXT MONTH to try again!

So take action NOW and Get MY WAITING LIST and who knows, maybe the next time they draw the lucky entry, YOU will be the $25,000.00 Winner!

Good Luck!

Best in Success

**Currently this sweepstakes is only open to those individuals that reside in the USA.