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WOW, The most brilliant concept in Networking is now going to go into HYPER DRIVE starting NOW!

Mark Seyforth, the founder of One24 just announced on last night’s (09/29/11) company conference call the news we were all waiting for. The $25000.00 monthly waiting list Sweepstakes has begun. The first winner will be announced in December either on national TV or streaming on the net.

All someone has to do to enter is go to enter their information and watch the four short video’s (new enhanced video’s coming in December) that explain the most amazing marketing concept ever, and then get on the waiting list. That’s it, for a chance to win $25000.00 CASH!!!

And this will be a monthly Sweepstakes. This will explode sign ups in One24 because once a person truly understands this brilliant compensation plan and the fantastic products that One24 offers (many more products in the coming months), and how easy it is to work One24, smart people will have to catch the tidal wave that is One24. It just makes sense.

This Amazing Company will be exploding so fast during the next 2 years that the people that get involved now will be like the people that bought Wal-Mart or Microsoft stock in the early days… RICH. And anyone can do this in their spare time, ANYONE, even if you are working another program.

Why do I say that? Well One24 is truly unique in all of Network Marketing. This is not your traditional MLM to say the least. In fact it is NOT MLM at all. It is the first ever IRP “Incentivized Referral Plan” and is totally linear. Every person that signs up in One24 from anywhere by anyone after you do goes below you in the linear compensation plan… EVERYONE.

WHY is One24 SO different? There are NO structure or volume requirements to get paid, No rank structure, No builder pack or enhanced enrollment options, No front end loading bonuses, compensation is pure residual income based on each PC just ordering just one product per month for their self, this truly levels the playing field. There are NO start up fees, NO monthly fees, No fees for your replicated website, No selling, No inventory and NO risk.

And the brilliant and amazing GOLD RUSH system in One24 is the reason a person can join One24, never sponsor a single person and over time earn a $2400.00 monthly residual income just for staying on auto ship. You simply can NOT lose if you just stay in. This is just one of the reasons One24 has a 90++% retention rate. You can only fail if you quit.
Go to click PC media center at the bottom of the home page, click webinar and watch the Gold Rush Webinar which will detail how this works. You will be blown away by this amazing feature of this awesome compensation plan. It is a MUST SEE webinar!

This young amazing company One24, is on the march to 1,000,000 PC’s, and with only about 40,000 in right now, and the linear nature of the compensation plan, the people that get in NOW, will in the next year or two at the most, have over a million people in their linear downline, and will be making more money each month from just from one of the FIVE income steams that make up One24’s amazing compensation plan, the SILVER BONUS, than they could ever imagine. Just on one of the income streams.

I believe One24 will change the face of all future Companies. Smart companies will copy this most amazing business model. One24’s concept and compensation plan really is a game changer and a revolution in the industry, it levels the playing field for all that join, it removes all the obstacles and barriers that cause massive attrition in other companies.

If you have not taken the time to study, I mean really study this most amazingly brilliant company and compensation plan, do your self a favor. STUDY IT! Do your due diligence, examine my claims. Just go to Check One24 out, watch the video’s study the Compensation plan and the great products and then get on my waiting list for a chance to win $25,000.00 CASH.

If you join me on this fantastic 24 month journey to a secure retirement, how easy will it be for you to get people to check out your One24 business if they also have a chance to win $25,000.00 just for watching the video’s and getting on your waiting list? And don’t you think they will also see the benefit of how the $25,000.00 monthly Sweepstakes can grow their business, and the sublime simplicity of this once in a life time opportunity as well?
Of course they will.

Now is the time, One24 is the Company… Join the REVOLUTION today and find true Security, Freedom and Prosperity in only 12 to 24 months. Come, Retire with me.